Why Nonsense? That is a good question! Let me explain:

Our world is filled with nonsense. Some are created through poets and artists, but most of it just are. Have you ever wondered why? Most people pretend that they don’t see it, but I embrace it! Nonsense is a wonderful thing!

Now, I created this blog because…

  1. I wanted to create a space to motivate myself to write again.
  2. To share my passion for everything DADA and nonsensical

To find out more of the purpose of this blog you can check out the following posts:




Last, but not least, I want to thank you for reading my blog!

  1. I cannot ignore it – it haunts me day and night. To you it might seem trivial, but there might be something you’re terrified about and I will see it as trivial. It’s an irrational fear, but it is still a fear.

  2. I see white noise, I see exactly what is on a TV, I also hear high pitched tones, that come and go, and vary in pitch. I am 95% confident we are in a simulation, we are organic yes, but I believe there is much more to reality than what meets the eye. I would like to chat with you sometime, and for that matter, anyone else who has seen/sees white noise. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, jeffrey@snowyvision.com

    • It scares me as well, you’re not alone in that.
      Also Jeffrey, I think you’re right. Sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep and my eyes are closed I see vivid geometric patterns and grids that are like, flying passed me. A bit hard to explain and i know it sounds batshit crazy but it’s something I’ve experienced from a young age.

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