NaPoWriMo stands for National Poetry Writing Month and usually takes place during the month of April each year. It is a challenge for any writer to write at least one poem a day for a month! Naturally the made-up word already looks like a nonsense word and that is how I was drawn to it. Actually a friend of mine suggested it and when I checked it out I was hooked.

Here is a summary and some favourite creations of each year:

2013: I wrote a haiku each day 


slaap is soet warm stoep
mymerend insluimer broei
soos kat luilekker.


My kar volg joune.
Ons speel wegkruipertjie in
jou truspieëltjie.


Freedom day

Are we really free?
It has been nineteen years since
We are still A-part.

2014:dada, concrete poetry, magazine clippings, words

2015: nonsense poetry
2016: Dada, concrete poetry, newspaper clippings, words.





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