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Another one

Baby, breathe behind
broken butterflies.
Come dance
Four get goodbye!
Get Heaven
I would
I will keep kissing
lazy money
nobody’s music.
Come on over.
It’s real,
It’s right.
See sexy.
Sing slow.
Think about Someone Sweet
Up the
white wild waters.


Alphabet Dada poem

All Angels* are
sins Dirty Easy
we Cry. we Die.
I Heart
Let Life be Like Love
Make Man My
One Only
Rock. Runaway
to Summer. Super!
Take That!
This Too!
We? What? When?

*Oops! It should be Angels not Angers. My bad!

An Acrostic Poem

I saw a neat acrostic poem using William Shakespeare and the names of his works the other day. I tried to do it with Agatha Christie and her stories.

  acrostic poem




Die nagapie is my nuwe gunsteling diertjie. Het jy geweet hulle woon selfs in die stad? Ek het nie.

Ek het twee toevallig raakgesien toe ek een Maandagaand teen skemer met iemand onder ‘n doringboom staan en gesels. Ek sien uit die hoek van my oog hoe iets kleins rondspring in die boom.

“Haai! Kyk daar!”

Ek dog toe eers dis twee eekhorings, maar iemand deel my mee dat nee, dis waaragtig twee nagapies!

Ek sou nooit kon droom dat ek nagapies in die middel van Pretoria sou kry nie. Ek wonder waar hulle in die dag slaap, want dis nou nie juis baie stil hier in die stad nie. Baie honde wat blaf, alarms wat afgaan, taxis se toeters wat blêr, ens.

Ons het die Moreletapark Spruit wat deur Pretoria loop. Miskien kom hulle juis van daar af? Of dalk van Wolwespruit se kant?

‘n Volgende aand sien ek een weer en na-aap sy geroep. Hy stop en kyk my met sy uitpeuloë aan.

Hier is ‘n gedig wat ek geskryf het:

Die nagapies

Maandag skemer, die son sak
wip hulle rats van tak tot tak
uit die rigting van die kerk se dak.

Piepklein vlermuis-oor rakker
gevolg deur sy waaierstert makker.

Twee jakopeweroë loer vir my
soos ‘n nuuskierige agie.
Piepklein, piep-skree apie
maak toe kennis met die stadsjapie.

Song titles poem

I wrote this poem during one of my sleepless nights. How many songs do you recognize?

Forever as one.
I’m with you
When your gone
Keep holding on.

Let it Rain.
Ashes to the wind.
The crisis.
Big my secret.

Forever and always
Love Story
You’re still the one
Kan nie (sonder jou)
Kom haal my

Baby, let’s play house
Love me tender
Let me be your Teddy Bear.

May it be
Only time (will tell)

When I fall in love
A beautiful mess

I could be the one
The real thing
White flag
I’d do anything

(You’re my) only one
I miss you
I give you my heart

I don’t know why
Feeling the same way

Darling I do
I don’t want to miss a thing

The way you make me feel
Woo hoo
All I do is dream of you
True love
Dreaming the same dream
To be with you
A kind of magic

You’re my best friend
Ja jy
Too damn hot

I wonder
I think of you.

Just another random Dada poem

This poem is written using Elimination. You take a random page from any book and eliminate all the words you don’t want to use and leave the rest where they were placed on the page.

I bet you’ll never guess from which book I got this page from:


Aids                           missionary




                                   still, crimson


sober                                step                        deep.


The Villanelle from hell

Writing a villanelle
I’m stumbling over the fixed rhyme
the poem from hell

I’m thrown into a prison cell
my sorry efforts the crime
writing a villanelle.

The poet is under an evil spell
while the devil rolls the die:
the poem from hell.

How long now, who can tell?
Frankly, who has the time?
writing a villanelle.

Demons are sounding the bell
the poet maketh a frustrated cry
the poem from hell.

The awful sound of the knell
Ding dong the end is nigh.
Writing a villanelle
the poem from hell.

The Moonchildren Villanelle

The reason why I didn’t do Napowrimo this year, is because I wanted to challenge myself by trying to write a fixed rhyme poem. I chose the villanelle.

A villanelle is a French verse form consisting of 19 lines arranged in five three-line verses and a final four-line verse. Only two rhymes are used. Line 1 is repeated in line 6, 12 and 18 and line 3 is repeated in line 9, 15 and 19 (The Works 8 by John Foster).

Well, it’s not perfect yet, but here it is:

The Moonchildren Villanelle

Once a month, night turns to day
you will witness a curious sight*
the moonchildren come out to play

The moonlight is a sun’s ray
the moonchildren’s torn clothes white*
once a month, night turns to day.

Frolicking barefoot they stray
up to all kinds of mischief on the night
the moonchildren come out to play.

Not a care in the world, they go about their way
the full moon is shining bright
once a month, night turns to day.

How I long to join them. Do you think I may?
my dreams take flight*
the moonchildren come out to play.

Tell the Moon to wait, to stay
one day I might persuade, they might sway.**
Once a month, night turns to day
the moonchildren come out to play.

*These lines still need a little work.

I’m already working on my next poem about how I hated writing a villanelle, hahaha!

**Oops! I only realised the other day that I made a mistake. The rhyming scheme for the last verse should be abaa not 4 a’s! Here is the alternative line:

one day I might persuade, one day they might…

Napowrimo – Day 29

Words: kie (co/company), to, or, to keep, to, the, angels, die, selfie, of, en(and/&), a, yes, tails, rape, for, zitts, vir

Thoughts: I knew I’d eventually end up with all the “breadcrumbs”. I also got a brilliant idea last night (when I couldn’t sleep) about the word breadcrumbs. I instantly thought of the story of Hanzel & Grethel going into the woods leaving breadcrumbs so they could find their way back. In this case the breadcrumbs are the words and perhaps they are trying to tell you something meaningful.


of zitts or
Die for vir a cause

Napowrimo – Day 28

Words: occupy, weer, verhaal, sky, in, H20, is a, no, her

my mind occupy
weer die verhaal
van die sky
wat in H20 gedompel
is a sign: