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Some weird facts about me

For those who don’t really know me, I’m actually a really weird chick. Or quirky? Whatever, they’re both weird. Then again I wonder if any of my friends know this about me…

Anyway here’s some weird facts about me:

  1. I eat in patterns. I eat certain foods a certain way. It’s almost like playing with your food – but without anyone else knowing it…
  2. I count on my fingers. I form number patterns with my fingers and then count them forward to back. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s some sort of coping strategy or just my OCD
  3. I have a little container with some of my baby teeth stored away. I know that sounds so weird! I actually found some of them in my mom’s drawer when I was looking for something else.

Here’s what really happened:

In English you have the tooth fairy. In Afrikaans we have the Tandmuis. If I translate it it sounds a little stupid: the Tooth Mouse. Every time we as kids shed or cut our teeth (OMW! That sounds so awful. In Afrikaans we have a better word for that: “wissel”.) So if you pulled out a baby tooth you have to say a rhyme that very same night, put the tooth in a shoe and put it on the window ledge and go to sleep. The next morning when you look in the shoe the tooth is gone and there is money! (Only a R2 or R5 coin, but still).

Die tandmuis rympie:

Muis, muis

Bring my ‘n beentand, 

dan gee ek jou ‘n steentand.

Tandmuis neem tand in ruil vir geld

Tandmuis neem tand in ruil vir geld

Tande om sy huisie te bou

Tande om sy huisie te bou

I couldn’t find a picture of a tooth in a shoe.

It turns out my mom never threw my teeth away. Then I decided to take my teeth back and store it in a safe place where only I know where (although, I think I once shown it to one of my friends. Can’t remember what her reaction was).

I also have a tooth (roots and all) which the dentist once had to cut out (without any narcotics) because my filling fell out and there wasn’t much tooth left to put in another one. I also have two baby teeth with fillings in. Plus my wisdom teeth that really looks horrendous. I can’t believe they were actually in my mouth!


So there you have it. I’m a really weird chick because I have OCD and keep my old teeth.