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Your 5 fav blogs – day 25 blog challenge

I have to confess – up until yesterday I only followed three blogs, so I made it my mission to check out all my followers’ blogs. I noticed most of you have something called Gravatar. What is that? Is it worth it? I like my blog as it is. I just can’t look into some of my followers’ blogs

The only comments I get on getting traffic is in my Spam inbox. So naturally I’m a little reluctant to look into it.

Personally I think you are all nuts. I didn’t get a blog to get followers. I started a blog to start writing again. But it’s nice to know there is people out there who thinks like me or like what I am doing.

Still, this Gravatar thing… It feels like I’m missing out on something great. Usually I have to help myself in understanding something new, but all this Gravatar and making money on your blog is just too new and intimidating.

I’m going on a SEO course this week. I hope it won’t be too hard. Like Uni. At least I had a whole semester to get around stuff – now I only have 3 days and I have to write an exam on the 4th day – yikes!

Plus my new boss wants me to work as well. Don’t know how I’m going to balance everything.

One thing I’ve noticed checking out your blogs is that most of you are a part of a group called “Project AWOL (Another way of life). What is an affiliate marketer? If it is such a great thing to do then why are there so many of you. That must be a hell of a lot competition?

I started following some of you – mostly because we share my love of creative writing:

Julie Mellilo – hoppityfrog – very genius name. Almost as good as mine!

Betty Generic – She tries to write a haiku every day. I tried to do that for a month for Napowrimo and I wanted to kill myself after that – RESPECT! Plus, I like your “about me” page.

Cheeni Thoughts – poetry

Tig 23 – very smart peotry

Others I’m already following:

Author Kristin Hope Mazzola – poetry, writing

Clearly Writing – shared condition called trich

Anskepades Рmy study buddy who studied journalism with me but decided she wanted to be a teacher instead now she writes about her experiences in Afrikaans Рvery funny!

I can’t really choose five right now, because I only started following most of you yesterday. My favourite blogs at the moment is

Kristin Mazzola and Anskepades.