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Alphabet Dada poem

All Angels* are
sins Dirty Easy
we Cry. we Die.
I Heart
Let Life be Like Love
Make Man My
One Only
Rock. Runaway
to Summer. Super!
Take That!
This Too!
We? What? When?

*Oops! It should be Angels not Angers. My bad!

Song titles poem

I wrote this poem during one of my sleepless nights. How many songs do you recognize?

Forever as one.
I’m with you
When your gone
Keep holding on.

Let it Rain.
Ashes to the wind.
The crisis.
Big my secret.

Forever and always
Love Story
You’re still the one
Kan nie (sonder jou)
Kom haal my

Baby, let’s play house
Love me tender
Let me be your Teddy Bear.

May it be
Only time (will tell)

When I fall in love
A beautiful mess

I could be the one
The real thing
White flag
I’d do anything

(You’re my) only one
I miss you
I give you my heart

I don’t know why
Feeling the same way

Darling I do
I don’t want to miss a thing

The way you make me feel
Woo hoo
All I do is dream of you
True love
Dreaming the same dream
To be with you
A kind of magic

You’re my best friend
Ja jy
Too damn hot

I wonder
I think of you.

Napowrimo 2016 – Day 2

Day #2’s catch: stereotypes motto break night struggle for no neighbourhood new dream

is our motto!
We need to break away

Every night is a struggle
for a new dream.

There is no neighbourhood.

Dada poems with song lyrics

I wanted to do this for quite some time. So last week I went through all my playlists and wrote down my favourtie songs. While I was doing this I listened to some of these songs that I listen to most – I circled these. Whenever I finished listening to a song I chose the song with the most plays in the playlist I was busy with then. This is what I came up with:

Not like me


House of wolves

“Klein Tambotieboom”

I’m going under

A soft place to fall. – (29 Jan 2015)

The funny thing is – I noticed that some of the songs’ lyrics actually work well together:

“It’s not like me to let it show, but I think I’m in love with you”

“I’m naked around you. Does it show?”

I’m going under. falling in you. I’m falling forever. I got to break through”

“You’re the one that taught me after all. How to find a soft place to fall.

Here’s another one:

Title: Loose Lips


Here comes the next contestant

After all this time

I love the way you lie

All I do is dream of you

The best day. – (30 Jan 2015)

Same one, just revised:

Loose Lips

I’ve become so numb

Here comes the next contestant

After all this time

I realized I love the way you lie

All I do is dream of you

I had the best day with you, today.

Can you guess the songs and artists? Some of them are not that hard. 

Another weird lame ass poem

I finished reading “Under the Dome” by Stephen King and tried to write something that could be related to the characters. This is all I could come up with:

I’m standing on your doorstep

You’re such a lame duck.

We’re stuck inside the Dome

we need a new turf.

Hannibal boycotts because

there is graffiti on his wall.

Now we don’t have to sleep

in his shoes.

Don’t worry. I don’t get it either.

7 April 2014 “1984 = 2014”

1984 = 2014


The Russians

came rushing in


black sea beaches

backwater dependent


shopping habits.


I’m not insinuating that the Russians per se are at fault or that they really did something in 1984. What I mean with 1984 is that I’m referring to George Orwell’s novel “1984” and I only mention Russians because the article I got the words from was about the Russians wanting to take over Crimea in the Ukraine.

The 2014 means that it is still happening today “monitoring shopping habits” is becoming really real with Facebook ads and new phone GPS apps like iBeacon that for example will remind you of an item on your shopping list whenever you are in the right aisle (which is pretty ingenious and scary at the same time!).

There. I hope I haven’t offended anyone. And if I did – sorry.

April 3 2014 Napowrimo



heart-less, speech-less

less heart, less speech

Less salt please!

My tongue can’t stand the taste.

Lessen my burden.

Let me speak.

linger longer

I Demand lip service


hmmm… not quite finished I think, but it’s all I have so far for today.

Two Afrikaans NaPoWrimo poems

I’ve also decided to work on my incomplete poems that had been lying around here for years gathering dust. But it is only attempts and won’t necessary be the final products. If I want, I can try to better my attempt on the next day and see what I come up with.

Today I have two DADA poems:

1) Wat eet ons vanaand?

Olke bolke

riebietjie stolke

olke bolke knor

errie tjerrie

tjiekene tjerrie

errie tjerrie

tjorts tjorts.


Olie bolle?

Ribbetjies, mieliestronke?

Knor my maag nou.


Gooi in die pot:

Ertjies, kerrie,

Chicken en kerrie?

Ertjies, kerrie.


Tjorts, George!


Notes: The first stanza is an Afrikaans rhyme you say out loud when you don’t know what to pick/choose. Almost like the donkey-rhyme (Inky pinky ponky/daddy had a donkey/ donkey die/daddy crie/inky pinky ponky).


Do you know any other rhyme? Please share. I would like to hear from you.


2) (ongetiteld)

Daar’s ‘n heks wat swaai

op haar skoppelmaai.

en soos sy swaai

vloek sy almal wat verbygaan.

“Maai toe julle maaifoedies!” 


Die volk kom bymekaar

by die kaai.

“Kom ons braai

die heks op haar swaai,”

sê die een. Raai!

Die heks hoor toe.


Sy swaai

hoër en hoër

tot bo die wolke



*The text in the green is what I had and the rest is what I filled in today.

NaPoWriMo 2014! Dada challenge!

1 April 2014:

This year I’ve decided to write one DADA poem a day for the entire April (NaPoWriMo) month.

I wrote this “concrete” DADA poem yesterday, but then I forgot it at work. (Bet you don’t hear that a lot!)

I took an article from a Time magazine article entitled “What Putin Wants” by David von Drehle and Simon Shuster (March 17, 2014) and underlined random words that seemed to speak to me. This is what I came up with:



Join us in song

Antagonists should sing ballads.

All together now!”


The Dutch performed doublespeak.

The Germans, propaganda.

The Russians were bluffing.

It was a bloody massacre.


The President watched from his armchair.

The songs rang hollow.


“Halt!” the brave Colonel intervened

everyone collapsed in pleasure.



My most proud moment – day 17 blog challenge

When I got published!

Well, okay, technically it was just a poem but still…

I entered a competition for The Poetry Institute of Africa in my Matric year and then I forgot about it. Great was my surprise when I got a letter in the mail congratulating me that they want to publish my poem. Whoohoo! I couldn’t stand still – I just did my victory dance all over the house.

My poem: Nightmares: which one would you choose? Pirates is on p.412 of the Resolute Rendition.

I got 3 copies: one for me and one for each of my grandmothers.

My second poem was published in my first year as our class project.

“Through the eyes of a bird” on p.56 of Afrikaans/English “In Warm Water”.