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The reason why I am dada for nonsense – day 18 blog challenge

O frabjous day! A reason to talk about the meaning of my blog!

Actually I’ve said it so well in my very first and second posts. So I’ll just quickly refer back to those if you haven’t read them yet:

The reason behind the name:

The reason for the name “dada4nonsense” is that during my third year in my creative writing class I thought of my poems as nonsense poems.  My lecturer said it leaned more towards dadaist poems.

According to the Oxford dictionary “Dada is an international movement in poetry and painting, initiated 1916 in Zürich, repudiating (refusing to obey) tradition, culture and reason.”

There is also a play on the word dada which replaced the word gaga, meaning to be crazy about something.

The reason for starting this blog is to get a sense of motivation and to work on my writing skills.  

So there you have it. If you want to know more about nonsense and Dadaism check out my very first post titled “Nonsense” and my favourite Nonsense quotes from the Dadaists.


Nonsense cut up poetry. Beware! It might shock you!


Yeah I like it hard


I whipped my foster children.

Social Services: “Oh the drama!”

Police dived in, sprawling

principal screwing his mother’s car,

shouting hoarse voice,


“Just let me in!”

Wrote this in one of my Creative Writing classes in my third year at Uni. Lecturer gave us each a ripped out piece of paper from a mysterious book. We had to choose words from the pages and write a poem about it. The more absurd it sounded, the better the result!

Somehow I could never understand the last four lines of the poem. But now I got it!