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Napowrimo – Day 16

Create, old school, secret, &, kragtoer (tour de force), Emperors, the, dragging, aftree (retire), foreign.

old school
secret service
tour de force:
to retire
is a foreign concept
to them.


Napowrimo – Day 15

I once again realized that I was forcing meaning out of the words and poems. I should just let it be. So here is the words I “picked” for Day 15 in the order they came out of the bag:

royal pains
Roses are red…
ooooo… earwax!
Happy endings


Napowrimo – Day 13

Words: kokkedoor, moeilik, palace, on, the, great, throne, with, nerves, theatre, two

die kokkedoor sê
dit was moeilik om
by die palace in te kom

binne sit die queen
on the great throne

with nerves of steel
het hy ingeloop

sy beveel hom toe
om bietjie theatre te doen

hy sê vir haar straight
hy ken net
“twee vir die prys van een”


sy sê dis reg
hy skrik toe
en probeer vinnig dink
en duik by die naaste
venster uit.

sy’t glo geskree:
“Off with his head!”
maar daar was nie
meer ‘n kop om af te kap nie

Napowrimo – Day 12

Words: sweet, neighbourhood, panda, boomengel (tree angel), wheels, with, rival, a, busy, family

in a sweet neighbourhood
a panda is hugging its tree
the people calls it

wheels of a bulldozer
with loud crashing
announces the arrival
of a rival: a
busy family

Napowrimo – Day 11

Words: home, is, the, signs, I/1, up, to, speaker, hang, it’s

where the
signs point to.

1 sign points up
the speaker
who hang himself
by the rafters
it’s said

Napowrimo – Day 10

Words from the bag: midsummer, Woolies, Alzheimer, snuffel (sniff), wagging, roomyspienk (pink ice cream), success, march, can’t, to.

Every Midsummer
Woolies & Alzheimer
march: snuffel and wagging
to the beat but
can’t quite reach
roomyspienk success.

Every Midsummer
I get the case of Alzheimer
I can’t find my dog in his
roomyspienk Woolies sweater.
He’s probably sniffing and wagging
to the beat of March – success!

Every Midsummer
Woolies march for
Alzheimer patients
with sniffling and wagging dogs
and roomyspienk sweaters
to raise awareness
but can’t reach success.

Napowrimo – Day 9

Words: The Fountain of Youth, the, reverse, where, you, and, little

The Fountain of Youth
is the reverse place
where you grow
stay little

The Fountain of Youth
is the reverse place
where you
little Teddy
go to play.

Napowrimo – Day 8

Words: guzzle, things, our, down, damage, cellar, tussen (between), diseases, meneer (mister), turtle

We guzzle things
our secrets
down into the damaged cellar.
There are in-between
diseases here.
Do not enter Mister Turtle.

Napowrimo – Day 7

Words/Fish: dream, purpose, lonely, no, brain, Eden, photo albums, forever, bathroom

What is your dream?
What is your purpose,
lonely person?
It’s a no-brainer
yearning for an Eden
wanting to put memories
into photo albums
that will last forever.
Instead you’re hiding
in the bathroom.

Napowrimo Day 6

Don’t, Spookhuis, gift, rest, football stadium, crown, beautiful, discover, meat

Thoughts: “Spookhuis” is the name of a famous landmark in Pretoria, South Africa. It’s actually a castle and it’s supposedly haunted. It was once part of the Eramus farm.


Don’t go into the
It was a gift for the ghosts
and they need their rest.

Let’s rather go the
football stadium
and watch
a battle for the crown
The coach asked me
to discover him some
fresh meat.