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Interview: Mix and Match Studio

Christal van Tonder, owner of Mix and Match Studio and clothes designer about her business and her collaboration with Nea Foundation:

Christal van Tonder on the right

When did you start with Mix and Match Studio?

It opened in 2010.

Dress in the shop

Apart from your clothing, how many other designers’ clothes are for sale in your shop?

There are 5 other designers whose clothes are in my shop. We are slowly busy to expand the shop and I’m planning to use the space just for events such as photography exhibitions and to sell the interior decorating products by the women I have trained.


When did you start training the women?

I started to train the women from 2009, but I started working with Nea Foundation for the past year.


Who or what is the Nea Foundation?

They are a NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) who works with children from townships.  They identified a need for the mothers to learn skills like sewing. I trained the women and I’m helping them to find jobs. They have a series of interior decorating products I market and sell in my shop.


Did you have a good financial year?

I’ve decided to focus more on the training part. I’ll still open my shop once a month, because it has become too expensive to try keeping it open every week.


What are your plans for the future?

I want to make changes in my business and to supply the products to other shops in the future. I would really like the women I’ve trained to earn a more stable income out of their sewing.

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