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An Acrostic Poem

I saw a neat acrostic poem using William Shakespeare and the names of his works the other day. I tried to do it with Agatha Christie and her stories.

  acrostic poem




“At Bertram’s Hotel” – by Agatha Christie

bertrams hotel

Back cover: Sentimentality draws Miss Jane Marple to Bertram’s Hotel, where dowager duchesses, retired clergymen and impressionable Americans indulge in all the comforts of a forgotten era. But Miss Marple feels uneasy – something sinister lurks beneath the well-polished veneer…

First published: 1965

What I liked about this book: I liked the fact that the hotel is almost its own character. I liked the intrigue and the mystery around the hotel and its inhabitants/visitors. I was almost right this time.

Rating: 5/5