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The Importance of being ‘Dada’

Here are some quotes from the essay Morsden Hartley wrote:

“Dada-ist”: one who finds no one thing more important than any other one thing.

The Dada movement has some elements of Nihilism.

Francis Picabia poem:

“Dada smells of nothing, nothing, nothing.

It is like your hopes: nothing.

Like your paradise: nothing.

Like your idols: nothing.

Like your politicians: nothing.

Like your heroes: nothing.

Like your artists: nothing.

Like your religions: nothing.”


Dadaism is past idolatry.


This reminds me of a similar poem I once wrote:


I feel lost – I feel scared.

I need comfort – I need to feel cared.

I reach out to things

waiting to see what it brings

But what do I see?

I don’t feel free.



Feel it, Touch it.

Nothing. Nothing at all.



See it. Observe it.

Nothing. Nothing at all.



Hear it. Sing it.

Nothing. Nothing at all.



Write it. Understand it.

Nothing. Nothing at all.

by Sulet Linde (me!)


*In all fairness, I was very depressed when I wrote this.


Anyway, getting back to the essay:

“I have a hobby-horse therefore – to ride away with, out into the world [I like the sound of that] of intricate common experience; out into the arena with those who know what the element of life itself is, and that I have become an expression of the one issue in the mind worth the consideration of the artist, namely fluidic change.

“Dada scoffs at capital letters, atrociously” because capital letters makes Art. Beauty. Truth. superior to man.

“Life and art are one and the same thing resembling each other so closely in reality..”

“Art is then a matter of how one is to take life now”

“You will find, therefore, that if you are aware of yourself, you will be riding your own hobby-horse into infinity of sensation through experience.”