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27 April 2013 – Freedom day – haiku

Freedom day

Are we really free?

It has been nineteen years since

We are still A-part.


For crying out loud!

For crying out loud!

I almost forgot to write.

Ten more days to go.

This job will be the death of me I swear!

I’m having trouble sending my pictures to my editor. Hopefully dropbox will be able to sort that out. It’s still syncing to my dropbox and might take a few hours. Fingers crossed.

Now they decided to move the deadline to the 23rd of April. That means I’m going to have to write one more article during the weekend. And I was hoping to send it tomorrow, everything would be over and that I could rest on the weekend. 

Actually they want more than eight articles before next week Tuesday! Gee thanks, but I think that’s just not going to cut it for me. It’s kinda short notice, don’t you think? I’m still working on my third and fourth article. 

So far I only have one more idea for one more article. But I’ll worry about that tomorrow. Today I want to finish up with the articles I have and editing my pictures.


True to my ranting, here’s my haiku for today:

I cannot keep up

The job of a journalist 

is never done. So


many things I should

know of- what’s going on plus

writing articles.


Technology cursed

us journalists – social 

networks galore. Must


check everything.

news constantly updated 

I cannot keep up.

A small part of me wishes it was still the early days: lying around hoping for a job to come around.

P.S the colour pink makes me think of shock or pressure. 

Today’s haiku

I am in love with

the man I haven’t met yet

I know you exist


One day we will meet

We will be compatible

God’s promise to me.

Almost forgot!

I almost completely forgot to write my NaPoWriMo haiku today! The job is keeping me so preoccupied I don’t even have time for myself. That’s gonna have to change!

Luckily I have a spare one!



killing wild mushrooms

after the rains have come. Squash!

it gives me a thrill


I don’t like mushrooms;

don’t eat mushrooms because they

look like aliens.

Please check out my NaPoWriMo page!

Today I wrote two haiku’s one in Afrikaans and one in English. They both have the same theme:

My kar volg joune

ons speel wegkruipertjie in 

jou truspieëltjie.


Here’s the English haiku:

We had an affair

in your rear view mirror. Two

red Citi’s in sync.


Loathing the moment

of saying goodbye, knowing

our journey will end.

NaPoWriMo! (this is not an April Fool’s joke)

Oh dear. Oh boy. I hope I did the right thing. A friend of mine told me about the National Poetry Writing Month (April) that challenges you to write a poem a day in the Month of April (damn, why not May?) And I just submitted my site on their website.

The challenge is to write 30 poems in 30 days. I’m rather terrible at writing poems these days. But seeming as they didn’t specify what kind of poems I decided to go for haiku’s. A haiku is a poem consisting of only 3 lines and each line should have the number of syllables indicated: (L1:5;L2:7;L3:5). The whole poem adds up to 17 syllables. This might sound easy to you, but I can promise you that it’s not. The haiku should also have only one image.


So, I’m going to challenge myself to write a haiku everyday for this month and I believe some of them will verge on nonsensical or dada.


Wish me luck!