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NaPoWriMo 2014! Dada challenge!

1 April 2014:

This year I’ve decided to write one DADA poem a day for the entire April (NaPoWriMo) month.

I wrote this “concrete” DADA poem yesterday, but then I forgot it at work. (Bet you don’t hear that a lot!)

I took an article from a Time magazine article entitled “What Putin Wants” by David von Drehle and Simon Shuster (March 17, 2014) and underlined random words that seemed to speak to me. This is what I came up with:



Join us in song

Antagonists should sing ballads.

All together now!”


The Dutch performed doublespeak.

The Germans, propaganda.

The Russians were bluffing.

It was a bloody massacre.


The President watched from his armchair.

The songs rang hollow.


“Halt!” the brave Colonel intervened

everyone collapsed in pleasure.