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Technology is nonsense

I am a very old-fashioned chick when it comes to technology. Especially phones. I was very happy with my Blackberry phone that I carried for five years. I loved the keyboard buttons. My friends and colleague were very annoyed with me and tried to persuade me to get a new phone: one of those touch screeny ones. Being the stubborn ass that I am, I refused.

I always knew I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. But I assumed it would just die on me one day. But it was worse.

I went through a nightmare week when I lost my phone. It’s the worst feeling: that dread you feel when you think you lost it. The worst is I’m not sure how I lost it. I remember when I last had it. We were at Phat Panda waiting for our order. I was fumbling with my phone and distinctly remember putting it in my handbag when we got up to leave. It was only afterwards at work I realized I couldn’t find my phone. I was in a frenzy. We retraced all my steps: where I’ve been the last hour and so on, but it still baffles me.

The first two days were the hardest part. Always wanting to check my phone and remembering I don’t have one any more. Worrying if my phone is okay (hey! Don’t judge me it was my companion and friend for 5 years!), worrying if someone found it or stole it and if they would use whatever they found on my phone against me. (Come on, we all have our dirty little secrets!) Or even worse, use information on my cellphone to steal my identity!

So I was forced to get a new phone. And unfortunately they do not manufacture Blackberries with buttons any more. I have an LG one with a touch screen. I absolutely loath it. I do not understand WiFi. With my Blackberry I didn’t need it. I’m trying to read the user guide as quickly as possible on my off weekend I might add. It seems every time I want to use the Internet or apps I must be connected to the WiFi. And the WiFi differs from place to place. Sometimes its free and sometimes you need a password. Great… more hassle.

I thought technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not more complicated! Until I figure out the connectivity thing I cannot contact the outside world. And oh, I supposedly kept my old SIM card and cellphone number but I can’t find anything that was stored on my old SIM card. What’s the point of that?

So I got a phone with a stronger screen (I don’t want one of those flimsy ones that when you accidentally let it fall the screen cracks – I’ve heard enough horror stories!) and it has a longer battery life. Remember the days when your phone lasted up to 5 days without charging it?

Funny enough, the few days without the phone (and ruling out the withdrawal symptoms) the experience was quite liberating. It’s nice not to have a phone as an excuse not to look at other people. Or talk to them. It was nice not having to know the latest news or gossip.

Do you still remember what it was like when our lives weren’t ruled by cellphones? I sometimes wonder if we weren’t better off then…