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I’ve decided to post my articles which I have written for Spotlight (and never saw the light) on my blog. 

It doesn’t look like Spotlight is going to work out. 

At least I can count it as experience and I have some great pieces for my portfolio (I think).

I also had the privilege to see some awesome people in action. Here are their stories…


Wow! Can’t believe how much my life has changed since I’ve started with the freelancing thing. It’s been less than a month and 13 articles later:

  • I’ve stood 20 metres from Pres. Jacob Zuma (I was seriously tempted to zap him and his entourage.)
  • I went to an Art exhibition and my mind was blown away.
  • I’ve written an article about a mall that has been without power for more than two months now. The owners are being liquidated and the metro won’t/can’t enter new contracts with the shop owners because of some stupid bylaw.
  • I’ve attended a public meeting with my dad about the new Resident Spatial Development Framework plans the metro has with our area we live in. Obviously, the residents didn’t stand a chance to raise their concerns.
  • I’ve attended a “How easy it is to paint” workshop.
  • I went with Bookmark to Sonitus school for hard of hearing children and met one of my friends that went to primary school with me.
  • I’ve written about charities at Tshepo, Berahka, the Cycle for a smile project etc.
  • I’ve attended a music concert of the Johannesburg School of music (article still pending). I’ve learnt to hate Google maps, because it sent me on some wild goose chases in Johannesburg. The worst place to get lost in. Damn my atenophobia! Luckily my family came to the rescue!
  • I went with Nerina (one of my friends) and Damelin Centurion to the Paint your Mini competition at Auto Alpina Boksburg. Very nice. Except that I forgot my camera in my car!
  • I’ve written about the dreaded street name changes.
  • I’ve interviewed two of my buddies as backups for more articles after the first postponement of the deadline. Learnt so much more that I might have not in other circumstances.

What I’ve learnt so far:

  • It’s okay to be nervous, because it means that you care. My problem is I care too much!
  • I learnt not to be afraid of people whenever I have to call them or talk face to face. Most of them are nice and love talking to a journalist.
  • I’ve just learnt about the Globe at Night event and light pollution. Mind blowing!
  • I know more people than I thought I knew. I can get a lot of story ideas just by listening and consulting with them.