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Almost Awesome Educational Songs

Nations Of The World lyrics


United States, Canada,Mexico, Panama,
Haiti, Jamaica, Peru;
Republic Dominican,Cuba, Carribean,

Greenland, El Salvador too.

Puerto Rico, Columbia,Venezuela,
Honduras, Guyana, and still;
Guatemala, Bolivia,then Argentina,
and Ecuador, Chile, Brazil.

Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda,
Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan;
Paraguay, Uruguay,Suriname,

And French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam.

Norway, and Sweden, and Iceland, and Finland,
and Germany now one piece;
Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia,
Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Poland, Romania, Scotland, Albania,

Ireland, Russia, Oman;

Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia,Hungary,
Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran.

There’s Syria, Lebanon,Israel, Jordan,
both Yemens, Kuwait, and Bahrain,
the Netherlands, Luxembourg,Belgium, and Portugal,
France, England, Denmark, and Spain.

India, Pakistan,Burma, Afghanistan,
Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan;
Kampuchea, Malaysia,then Bangladesh (Asia),
and China, Korea, Japan.

Mongolia, Laos, and Tibet, Indonesia,
the Philippine Islands, Taiwan;
Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Sumatra, New Zealand,
then Borneo, and Vietnam.

Tunisia, Morocco,Uganda, Angola,
Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana;
Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia,”
Guinea, Algeria, Ghana.

Burundi, Lesotho,and Malawi, Togo,
The Spanish Sahara is gone;
Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Liberia,
Egypt, Benin, and Gabon.
Tanzania, Somalia,Kenya, and Mali,
Sierra Leone, and Algiers;
Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya,
Cameroon, Congo, Zaire.
Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar,
Rwanda, Mahyore and Cayman
Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi,Qatar, Yugoslavia,
Crete, Mauritania,
then Transylvania,
Monaco, Liechtenstein,
Malta, and Palestine,
Fiji, Australia, Sudan!

This song would have been awesome if it had all the nations in the world and not so much errors:

  • The following countries are omitted: Singapore, South Africa, Armenia, San Marino, Lithuania, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Georgia and Wales. Apparently Burkina Faso is also not featured.
  • San Juan is not really a nation but the capital of Puerto Rico which isn’t a nation either – it’s a US dependency
  • Caribbean and Asia are not nations but the name of a sea and a continent
  • Tibet is not a country but is considered part of China. Although… they really don’t want to be. Just ask the Dalai Lama. (I’ll let this error pass)


  • Zaire is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan is no longer united: it split into Sudan and South Sudan.
  • Czechoslovakia is no longer an united country split into Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Korea is still devideded between North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – huh! What’s so democratic about them?) and South Korea (the Republic of Korea)

The Song featured in the second episode of Animaniacs. In the song, Yakko Warner name all the (as of 1992-1993) nations of the world to the tune of the “Mexican Hat Dance”. A clip of the sing-along version of this song has been viewed more than six millon times on Youtube. Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko.

The song was written by Randy Rogel a writer from Batman: The Animated Series, whose son was studying geography. When he saw that “United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama” all rhymed, he got to work on the lyrics and sent the song to Animaniacs.


Here’s another one from the Animaniacs-series:

Wakko’s America lyrics

WAKKO’S AMERICA (Episode 21)
Music traditional (Turkey in the Straw). Lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana
And Columbus is the capital of Ohio
There’s Montgomery, Alabama, south of Helena, Montana
Then there’s Denver, Colorado, under Boise, Idaho.

Texas has Austin, then we go north
To Massachusetts’ Boston, and Albany, New York
Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington, D.C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Elvis used to hang out there a lot, ya know.

Trenton’s in New Jersey, north of Jefferson, Missouri
You’ve got Richmond in Virginia; South Dakota has Pierre
Harrisburg’s in Pennsylvania and Augusta’s up in Maine
And here is Providence, Rhode Island, next to Dover, Delaware.

Concord, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunt
To Montpelier, which is up in Vermont
Hartford’s in Connecticut, so pretty in the fall
And Kansas has Topeka; Minnesota has St Paul.

Juneau’s in Alaska and there’s Lincoln in Nebraska
And it’s Raleigh out in North Carolina and then
There’s Madison, Wisconsin, and Olympia in Washington
Phoenix, Arizona, and Lansing, Michigan.

Here’s Honolulu; Hawaii’s a joy
Jackson, Mississippi, and Springfield, Illinois
South Carolina with Columbia down the way
And Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay.

They have wonderful clam chowder.

Cheyenne is in Wyomin’ and perhaps you make your home in
Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the Buffalo roam
Atlanta’s down in Georgia, and there’s Bismarck, North Dakota
And you can live in Frankfort in your old Kentucky home.

Salem in Oregon; from there we join
Little Rock in Arkansas; Iowa’s got Des Moines
Sacramento, California; Oklahoma and its city
Charleston, West Virginia, and Nevada, Carson City.

That’s all the capitals there are!


School would have been so much cooler if we were taught that. Alas no! But it does make for an awesome resource for pub quizzes!



Cartoon scene in Animaniacs: where Yakko is king of Anvillania

Cartoon scene in Animaniacs: where Yakko is king of Anvillania

I’ve always pondered the purpose of anvils in cartoons. To tell the truth I didn’t know what an anvil really was except to inflict pain on cartoon villains. Because it is such ancient tools the sole purpose of these objects are lost or virtually unknown, and only recognized in cartoons.

Historically, the anvil is a block hard surface on which another object is struck – often used by black smiths.

Got it! But where did the idea come from to drop anvils on villains in cartoons?

The idea of an anvil falling from the sky and landing on someone’s head (when you really think about it) seems very nonsensical. But within the rules/physics of cartoons it totally makes sense. (more on this sure to follow).

According to some sites an anvil is the standard prop for cartoon gags. It’s the epitome of a heavy and clumsy object perfect for dropping on a villain. The anvil is sometimes replaced with safes or grand pianos and is usually grouped with the “shadow of impending doom” and a bomb whistle.

It is all part of Cartoon physics:

Everything falls faster than an anvil and it will always land on the character’s head.

Other cartoon physics principles include:

Running off a clip and hanging in midair until the cartoon character realize it

cartoon physics

Certain cartoons can pass through solid walls painted to resemble tunnel entrances (very popular in Looney Tunes).

Cartoon physics are often explained by the characters themselves: in one Animaniacs episode Yakko, Wakko and Dot explains that toons are allowed to bend or break natural laws for the purposes of comedy. It’s all about comedic timing.

Anvils are also used as a 4th of July celebration: two anvils are placed on top of each other filled with gunpowder. When ignited it explodes/fires into the air. Much like fireworks today.

In another Animaniacs episode Yakko becomes the king of Anvillania. the national anthem (after a super boring, put to sleep anthem) they change it to this:

Yakko: It’s made of solid iron…

Dot: It weighs a ton or two…

Wakko: We know you’d like to meet it…

All Together: It wants to meet you too!

— Animaniacs, “The Anvil Song”

The first use of an anvil in a cartoon was in “A tale of two kitties”, a 1942 cartoon directed by Bob Clampett. It features the two cartoon cats named Babbit and Catstello (parodies of comedy team Abbot and Costello). Babbit looks to me more like a wolf than a cat. They try to catch and eat the first version of Tweety bird (an ugly, pink baby bird).

babbitand catstello anvil

The most famous uses of a falling anvil is cemented in the Road Runner cartoons. The first episode it was used was in “Beep Beep” in 1952.



I love the mysteries of cartoons!

Totally Insaney Nonsense Cartoons

Animaniacs water tower

Animaniacs water tower

I absolutely love Animaniacs! Everything about it is SO nonsensical!

Theme song:

It’s time for Animaniacs

And were’ zany to the max

so just sit back and relax

you’ll laugh ’till you collapse

we’re Animaniacs!


Come join the Warner brothers

and the Warner sister, Dot

just for fun we run around the Warner movie lot

they lock us in the tower

whenever we get caught

but we break loose and then vamoose

and now you know the plot.


We’re Animaniacs!

Dot is cute and Yakko yaks

Wakko packs away the snacks

while Bill Clinton plays the sax

We’re Animaniacs!


Meet Pinky and the Brain who wants to rule the universe

Goodfeathers flock together, Slappy whacks them with her purse

Buttons chases Mindy while Rita sings a verse

The writers flipped, we have no scripts, why bother to rehearse?


We’re Animaniacs!

We have pay or play contracts

We’re zany to the max

There’s baloney in our pants

There's baloney in our pants

There’s baloney in our pants

We’re Animany

Totally Insaney

Here’s the show’s name-y (changes from time to time. My fav is: The Rain in Spain-y; Pinky and the Brain-y)


those are the facts!

Animaniacs logo

Animaniacs logo

1st episode aired on 13 September 1993.

Nighty night toon

From the 1st episode: Parody on “Goodnight Moon”.

Voice : Nighty-Night Toon
Inside the water tower room
There was a log flume
And a picture of a big baboon.
And three little toons
Acting like goons.
Yakko : I’m Yakko.
Wakko : I’m Wakko.
Dot : And I’m cute!

Voice : A dog and a cat
Runt : Cat? Where’s a cat?
Voice : And a big-headed rat
Brain : I’m a mouse, not a rat
Voice : And two hippos who are incredibly fat.
Marita: Flavio, are we actually fat?
Flavio: No, my delectible. We are simply bigger than life itself. Mwah!

Voice : And in this room
And in this verse
Are Dr Scratch-and-sniff
Y+W : …Hello, Nurse!

Voice : And three Goodfeathers
Squit : …stick together!
Pesto : What do you mean by that?
You think I’m sticky?
You saying I’m some kind of gooey sticky bun here for your breakfast
Is that what you’re saying?
Squit : No, I’m just saying–
Pesto : That’s it!!!
[pow, crack] Here’s your sticky bun! I got your sticky bun right here!
Squit : Ow! Come on! Knock it off!

Voice : And Mindy and Buttons
Are snuggled in bed
Along with a fellow
Named Mr Skullhead.
And an old squirrel lady
In cap and nightgown
Sits in her rocker and says
Slappy: Hey, pal, pipe down!
Voice : Oh, er, right. Well then…

Nighty-night, room
Nighty-night, toons
Nighty-night, log flume
With the big baboon.
Nighty-night, dog
Nighty-night, cat
Runt : I do smell a cat, but where’s it at?
That rhymes. That definitely rhymes.

Voice : Nighty-night, hippos
Marita: We’re big-boned, not fat.

Voice : Nighty-night, big-headed laboratory rat.
Brain : I am not a rat. I’m a mouse! [BLAM!]
Oh, drat.
Pinky : Oh, that rhymes too, Brain. Oof.

Voice : Nighty-night, Doctor
Y+W : …goodnight, Nurse!

Voice : Nighty-night, pigeons
Who constantly curse.
Pesto : [pow, thud] Pasta da (?)! Fettucini al fredo!
Squit : Come on! What’d I do? What’d I do? Knock it off! Come on, hey, come on!
Pesto : I got your sticky bun! Here’s your sticky bun!

Voice : Nighty-night, Buttons
Under the bed
Along with his friend
Mr Skullhead.
Nighty-night, squirrel lady
In nightgown and cap

Slappy: For crying out loud
Will you button your yap?

Voice : Nighty-night, water tower
Nighty-night, lot
Nighty-night, Yakko
Wakko and Dot.
Nighty-night, people everywhere

Yakko : And nighty-night, Wakko’s underwear!

The Monkey Song

The Monkey song

The Monkey song

Dr Scratchansniff : One Monday morning I got up late
And there were these monkeys outside the gate.
The guard tried to stop them but he had no luck
The monkeys got free and they ran amuck!

DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
Yakko, Wakko & Dot : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!

DrSns : My office was run by the studio nurse.
I came downstairs und what could be worse?
The monkeys was doing a crazy dance.
They put buggies in my underpants!

DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : Monkeys dance then I dance too!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!

DrSns : I ran outside to get a stick
But I’m telling you, friends, those monkeys was quick!
‘Cause when I returned, much to my disgrace
Those monkeys had the nurse in a mad embrace!

Nurse : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do.
Yakko : For a nickel I’ll give you a clue!
Dot : I didn’t know your eyes were blue!
DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!

Marita: Yessah, whoo!
Flavio: Ah, play that thing!

DrSns : I went to me bath for a shower and shave.
The monkeys goin’ to put me into my grave!
The entire bathroom was laid to waste
And they shaved my head with minty toothpaste!

DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : They is crazy-nutzo, I’m telling you!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!

DrSns : Then by this time I was feeling dread
They was using a shoe brush to shine me head.
I asked them to leave but they stayed around.
They pulled the chain and yee! I went down!

DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : Call my lawyer; I’m ready to sue!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : Aaaaaaaaaa!

DrSns : Well me patience ran out and I’m telling you sure
Tomorrow I show those monkeys the door!
And if they don’t leave I’m inviting you
To my house for dumplings and monkey stew!

DrSns : I don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
DrSns : Now I’m in the stew. — Oh, poo.
YW+D : Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!

DrSns : Watch out for monkeys, I’m telling you!
YWDF+M: Don’t know what to say the monkeys won’t do!
YW+D : We’re not monkeys; we’re just cuckoo!
YWDF+M: Don’t know what to say the Warners won’t do!



Producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Ruegger created the series after a previous series, Tiny Toon Adventures, was a huge success. Ruegger wanted to base the characters on the personalities of his three young sons (his eldest son was the inspiration behind Yakko). Ruegger was inspired by the large WB logo on the water tower at Warner Brother Studios.

Spielberg and Animaniacs

Spielberg and Animaniacs

Watner Brothers logo on the water tower

Watner Brothers logo on the water tower

At first there were 4 Warner sibilings: Yakky, Smakky, Wakky and their little sister, Dot. They later morphed into Yakko, Wakko and Dot. They were also 3 young ducks, but changed to dog-like characters when they realised that there were already too many duck cartoons. Their exact species is supposed to be unknown, but it was found that their species was labelled as “Cartoonus Characterus”.

It is said that the Animaniacs characters personalities and character traits are similar to the Marx Brothers and Jerry Lewis who “wreak[ed] havoc” in “serious situations.” The Warners are portrayed as cartoon stars from the early 1930s. Simple black and white drawings were very common such as Felix the cat and early versions of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Dot’s full name is: Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca the Third.

I love how the series can be enjoyed on two levels: kids love it because of the slapstick and older audiences can enjoy and appreciate the word play and adult humor. Example of word play: when Yakko, Wakko and Dot wants to buy another character’s Garage because they think “Garage Sale” refers to that.

I love the parodies and spoof references in the series. “The Rain in Spain-y” refers to “My Fairlady”, Goodfeathers is a play on “Goodfellows”. Animaniacs parodies popular TV shows, movies and caricatured celebrities.

Because of Steven Spielberg’s involvement in the series, a running gag was that his films were mentioned in the series and even a caricature of Spielberg himself appeared a few times. In the episode “Hooked on a ceiling” Spielberg was made eminence of the Sistine Chapel and Warners painted E.T. on its ceiling (in place of God) reaching out to Elliot (in place of Adam).

Other characters:

Dr. Scratchansniff: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out why he has such a peculiar name. Maybe it’s because he is a psychiatrist whose job it is to “scratch and sniff” into the character’s lives??? He is the psychiatrist of Hollywood and it his job to teach the Warner siblings some manners. Later on he becomes a father figure to them.

Dr. Scratchansniff

Dr. Scratchansniff

Here follows some of my favourite quotes involving him:

Dr. Scratchensniff: I know what you kids want… you want to talk to Mr. Puppet Head!
[imitating another character]
Dr. Scratchensniff: Hello, kids. I’m Mr. Puppet Head. Tell me why you kids make the jokes?
[the Warners are silent]
Dr. Scratchensniff: Why aren’t you talking to Mr. Puppet Head? No no, it’s very simple watch this… Hello, Mr. Puppet Head. How are you?
[imitating Mr. Puppet Head]
Dr. Scratchensniff: I am fine, Dr. Scratchensniff. How are you?
[normal voice]
Dr. Scratchensniff: I am fine, Mr. Puppet Head. Did you have a yummy breakfast?
[imitating Mr. Puppet Head]
Dr. Scratchensniff: Oh, yes. Very yummy. How was your breakfast?
[normal voice]
Dr. Scratchensniff: Mine was as yummy as yours.
[to the Warners]
Dr. Scratchensniff: Now, you see? Isn’t that easy?
Yakko: Are you sure you don’t need to see a P-psychiatrist?
Dr. Scratchensniff: I AM a P-psych… I mean a psychiatrist! I AM! I AM! I AM!
[uses the hand his puppet is on to tear off his hair]
Yakko: Mr. Puppet Head’s hungry.

Dr. Scratchensniff: [showing Dot an inkblot] What do you see here?
Dot: I’d say you’re not a very good artist.
Dr. Scratchensniff: I didn’t draw it.
Dot: Then whoever did needs to go back to school.
Dr. Scratchensniff: No, no. It’s an inkblot.
Dot: I’ll say.
Dr. Scratchensniff: It’s not supposed to look like anything!
Dot: Then you did a very good job.
Dr. Scratchensniff: I DIDN’T DRAW IT! Don’t you think it looks like a little kitty cat or a butterfly or something?
Dot: No.
[takes off the inkblot and changes it into a butterfly]
Dot: THAT’S a butterfly.

Dr. Scratchensniff: What is on your mind?
Wakko: My hat.
Dr. Scratchensniff: No, your hat is on your head. What is on your MIND?
Wakko: My… skin?
Dr. Scratchensniff: No, that’s on your head. What is on your MIND?
Wakko: Oh, I got it! My hair!
Dr. Scratchensniff: Your hair is on your head!
[tears off some of his hair]
Wakko: No, it’s in your hand.

Dr. Scratchensniff: Any word that comes to mind.
Yakko: Brain.
Dr. Scratchensniff: But we haven’t started.
Yakko: Begun.
Dr. Scratchensniff: No, wait.
Yakko: Yield.
Dr. Scratchensniff: Stop!
Yakko: Cease.
Dr. Scratchensniff: SILENCE!
Yakko: Quiet.
Dr. Scratchensniff: ENOUGH!
Yakko: Plenty.
Dr. Scratchensniff: Would you please listen?
Yakko: Hear.
Yakko: Comprehend.
Dr. Scratchensniff: Get out! Get out! Get OUT!
Yakko: Leave, leave, leave.
Dr. Scratchensniff: These Varner Brothers are driving me crazy!
Yakko: Insane. Unhinged. Demented.

I just love it how they make fun of psychiatry!

Hello Nurse! 

Hello Nurse!

Hello Nurse!

Because Yakko and Wakko always greets her with this saying she doesn’t really have a name.

Slappy Squirrel

Stop with the singing already!

Stop with the singing already!

I like her best because she is not afraid to make fun of old Hollywood. She is a cynical, retired squirrel and is the aunt of Skippy Squirrel (voiced by Nathan Ruegger – eldest son of Tom Ruegger). Slappy is voiced by Sherri Stone.

Mindy: who always says “Silly puppy” to Runt or “Okay, lady” to her mother.

Rita and Runt: I like the spoof Les Miseranimals – Les Miserables.

Pinky and the Brain:

Pinky and the brain

Pinky and the brain

Ruegger modeled Pinky after Warner Bros Animation director and artist Eddie Fitzgerald, who had the same sunny disposition and often said two of Pinky’s catch phrases: “Narf” and “Egad!”


I named one of my dogs after Pinky. She also has a pea brain.

Insides of Pinky and Brain

Insides of Pinky and Brain

Brain is based on another Warner Bros Animation artist and writer Tom Milton. Even though the resemblance is uncanny look of Brain is not modeled after Orson Welles, but the Wellesian voice is no coincidence. This is the work of Maurice LaMarche.

They got their own spinoff show that ran for 65 episodes from 1995-1998.


I especially like the episode were they make fun of “West Side Story –  West Side Pigeons.” “I feel pretty – I feel feathery”


that smile can killI

I swear that smile could kill!

That’s enough for today! Next post will be about Anivilania and anvils.

Reference: by Rob Lammie

Cartoon sayings

I was once a huge cartoon boffin!  I found this in one of my old school books. Funny though, I can’t watch cartoons anymore. It’s sooo boring. But back then, it was part of my world.  This is a loong list of all my fav cartoon sayings back then. See how many you can recognise:


I am Ed* Scooby-dooby-doo!* I’ll do anything for cash! Buttertoast! Ralf’s eyes fool the brain of Ralf. Dorks! What’s that Plank? Sarah! Jimmy! Where’s Sarah? Imposter! You’re not Ed-boy!* Man, I’m pretty! Oh mamma!!!* Zoiks! Jinkies!* Shutup Ed! I’m slow and out of shape!* Amanda!!! Amanda please! Where’s Amanda? I’m Amanda’s number one fan please!!! I’ve got my own website you know….!!! No! No! No! You didn’t ask for Titanic, you asked for Tidantic! What?! It’s better – much better! When will you be paying me? I’m not going to pay you. Oooooo…. Wants some yoghurt? Tell me a knock-knock joke. Bla-ha! Tell me a knock-knock joke. Knock-knock. Who’s there? (No answer). Who’s there? I know someone’s there! It’s time for a Hilly Billy moment.  Knock-knock. Eh, who’s there? Bowling pen. Bowling pen who? I’m gonna hit you with a bowling pen! Haha! Huh? (Boom) Haha! Eh, that’s a good one.* Where’s the food? I don’t know. We’re in nature so I guess we’ll eat nature stuff. Ok. Moss? Euw! This tree bark? No! This very dead squirrel? (Barf) I don’t even want to know. Tra-la-la-la-LA-la-la! Wanna go to my GRANDMA’S house? I know exactly where I’m going. Tra-la-la-la-LA-la-la (Boom!) * Smoking! Somebody just stop me! Kidding! * Hallo nurse! And remember kids: Yakko spelt backwards is Okkay! And I’m the Warner sister Dot! Balloon queen! Chickens, what a sense of humour. Eat my guts! Hahaha! Do you know how much this costs? You’re fired! This is very good for my psyche! * Oeee! What does this button do? DD! How many times have I told you not to come bother me when I’m busy? * Scrabby-dabby-doo! Come on gang! Let’s split up. Daffny, Wilma and I will go this way and Shag, you and Scoob you go that way. I knew he was going to say that. Come on Scoob! While we’re looking we can drop in the kitchen and find some snacks! Eh yeh! Shaggy, rats roiks! * Eh! What’s up, Doc? I thou I thou a putty cat. I did! I did! I did thou a putty cat! Shh! I’m hunting rabbits. Ahahaha! * Look mom! I’ve got a girlfriend. Where? Right here. An alien? An alien is your girlfriend? * Why, isn’t that cute. But it’s WRONG!!!! * Food round the corner. Food round the corner. Food round the corner just for me! Do, do, do, do, do, do. Food round the corner. Food round the corner. Food round the corner just for me! * Move it FOOTBALLHEAD! What do you want, Footballhead? * Go Ott0! Go Otto! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! * Quit laying around! * I are Baboon! I better do something for I am Weasel. * Totally! Once I was asleep. And there was a spider above my head. And it fell on my face. And I just went: “Ahh! Spider!” And the spider went: “Ahh, Kyle!” Just thinking about spider… That was totally Kyle! Totally! Once a mosquito bit me and it itched so I like scratched it, and it itched again so I scratched it again. And it itched AGAIN so I scratched it AGAIN… That was Totally Kyle! Totally! * Oh, Suzanna. Don’t you cry for me. I’m gonna pack my bags and leave this town. With a banjo on my knee! * Hi! I’m Muriel. I’m only three and a half years old. Who are you? Stupid dog! Stupid dog! He ain’t do anything right. * Yabba-dabba-doo! * Sufferin’ Succatash! You been a bad putty cat! Naughty, naughty! * Eh, what’s up, Dork? Dork, Dork’n and Dorky. In other words: Ed, Edd’n or so called Dubble D, and Eddy. * That is the worst case of chicken pocks I’ve ever seen. You twit. You’re such a lousy typist! Oh, thanks a lot! You’re welcome. Muriel! I’ll save you! * Mamma, do I have to? I don’t want to wear this sticken costume! Hey, Kitty pants! It’s Jungle-boy! He’s not Jungle-boy! Hey, he hurt Jungle-boy! Let’s get him! You’re not Jungle-boy! * Noisy little character, isn’t he? Now ain’t I a stinker? Why, you, you little, I’ll get you back, you little…you! That’s all folks! Goodnight everybody! Look – up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Super bunny! * Mom had a chicken. Mom had a cow. Dad was proud. He didn’t care how! Super Cow! Super Cow! Oh, how I hate Super Cow! I wonder what’s her secret? * Hey! Put out the lights! * Eddy, wait! Trees have feelings!


Oh yes… It’s all coming back to me now. See if you can guess which character I can impersonate.

Obviously there is a lot more. I’ll give you a list of my favourite cartoons when I grew up in the next post.