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10 songs you love right now – Day 5 blog challenge

Another hard challenge today. There are so many – I find it hard to choose! I have no idea what’s new on the music front these days. I keep listening to old songs on my Ipod Nano over and over again.

Most of the following songs are from film soundtracks:

  1. Moon River – Patty Griffin/Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
  2. Any No Doubt song. My fav right now: “It’s my life”
  3. Airplane – Hailey Williams feat B.O.B.
  4. Let it all hang out – The Hombres (Elizabethtown)
  5. You don’t know my name – Hugh Laurie
  6. If you knew Suzie like we know Suzie – Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra (Anchors Aweigh)
  7. Pilgrim – Enya
  8. I wish my baby was born – Cold Mountain
  9. The Heart asks pleasure first – Michael Nyman (The Piano)
  10. Anything from The Corrs: “Dreams”.