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Almost Awesome Educational Songs

Nations Of The World lyrics


United States, Canada,Mexico, Panama,
Haiti, Jamaica, Peru;
Republic Dominican,Cuba, Carribean,

Greenland, El Salvador too.

Puerto Rico, Columbia,Venezuela,
Honduras, Guyana, and still;
Guatemala, Bolivia,then Argentina,
and Ecuador, Chile, Brazil.

Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Bermuda,
Bahamas, Tobago, San Juan;
Paraguay, Uruguay,Suriname,

And French Guiana, Barbados, and Guam.

Norway, and Sweden, and Iceland, and Finland,
and Germany now one piece;
Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia,
Italy, Turkey, and Greece.

Poland, Romania, Scotland, Albania,

Ireland, Russia, Oman;

Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia,Hungary,
Cyprus, Iraq, and Iran.

There’s Syria, Lebanon,Israel, Jordan,
both Yemens, Kuwait, and Bahrain,
the Netherlands, Luxembourg,Belgium, and Portugal,
France, England, Denmark, and Spain.

India, Pakistan,Burma, Afghanistan,
Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan;
Kampuchea, Malaysia,then Bangladesh (Asia),
and China, Korea, Japan.

Mongolia, Laos, and Tibet, Indonesia,
the Philippine Islands, Taiwan;
Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Sumatra, New Zealand,
then Borneo, and Vietnam.

Tunisia, Morocco,Uganda, Angola,
Zimbabwe, Djibouti, Botswana;
Mozambique, Zambia, Swaziland, Gambia,”
Guinea, Algeria, Ghana.

Burundi, Lesotho,and Malawi, Togo,
The Spanish Sahara is gone;
Niger, Nigeria, Chad, and Liberia,
Egypt, Benin, and Gabon.
Tanzania, Somalia,Kenya, and Mali,
Sierra Leone, and Algiers;
Dahomey, Namibia, Senegal, Libya,
Cameroon, Congo, Zaire.
Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar,
Rwanda, Mahyore and Cayman
Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi,Qatar, Yugoslavia,
Crete, Mauritania,
then Transylvania,
Monaco, Liechtenstein,
Malta, and Palestine,
Fiji, Australia, Sudan!

This song would have been awesome if it had all the nations in the world and not so much errors:

  • The following countries are omitted: Singapore, South Africa, Armenia, San Marino, Lithuania, Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Georgia and Wales. Apparently Burkina Faso is also not featured.
  • San Juan is not really a nation but the capital of Puerto Rico which isn’t a nation either – it’s a US dependency
  • Caribbean and Asia are not nations but the name of a sea and a continent
  • Tibet is not a country but is considered part of China. Although… they really don’t want to be. Just ask the Dalai Lama. (I’ll let this error pass)


  • Zaire is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan is no longer united: it split into Sudan and South Sudan.
  • Czechoslovakia is no longer an united country split into Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Korea is still devideded between North Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – huh! What’s so democratic about them?) and South Korea (the Republic of Korea)

The Song featured in the second episode of Animaniacs. In the song, Yakko Warner name all the (as of 1992-1993) nations of the world to the tune of the “Mexican Hat Dance”. A clip of the sing-along version of this song has been viewed more than six millon times on Youtube. Rob Paulsen, the voice of Yakko.

The song was written by Randy Rogel a writer from Batman: The Animated Series, whose son was studying geography. When he saw that “United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama” all rhymed, he got to work on the lyrics and sent the song to Animaniacs.


Here’s another one from the Animaniacs-series:

Wakko’s America lyrics

WAKKO’S AMERICA (Episode 21)
Music traditional (Turkey in the Straw). Lyrics by Randy Rogel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Indianapolis, Indiana
And Columbus is the capital of Ohio
There’s Montgomery, Alabama, south of Helena, Montana
Then there’s Denver, Colorado, under Boise, Idaho.

Texas has Austin, then we go north
To Massachusetts’ Boston, and Albany, New York
Tallahassee, Florida, and Washington, D.C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Nashville, Tennessee.

Elvis used to hang out there a lot, ya know.

Trenton’s in New Jersey, north of Jefferson, Missouri
You’ve got Richmond in Virginia; South Dakota has Pierre
Harrisburg’s in Pennsylvania and Augusta’s up in Maine
And here is Providence, Rhode Island, next to Dover, Delaware.

Concord, New Hampshire, just a quick jaunt
To Montpelier, which is up in Vermont
Hartford’s in Connecticut, so pretty in the fall
And Kansas has Topeka; Minnesota has St Paul.

Juneau’s in Alaska and there’s Lincoln in Nebraska
And it’s Raleigh out in North Carolina and then
There’s Madison, Wisconsin, and Olympia in Washington
Phoenix, Arizona, and Lansing, Michigan.

Here’s Honolulu; Hawaii’s a joy
Jackson, Mississippi, and Springfield, Illinois
South Carolina with Columbia down the way
And Annapolis in Maryland on Chesapeake Bay.

They have wonderful clam chowder.

Cheyenne is in Wyomin’ and perhaps you make your home in
Salt Lake City out in Utah, where the Buffalo roam
Atlanta’s down in Georgia, and there’s Bismarck, North Dakota
And you can live in Frankfort in your old Kentucky home.

Salem in Oregon; from there we join
Little Rock in Arkansas; Iowa’s got Des Moines
Sacramento, California; Oklahoma and its city
Charleston, West Virginia, and Nevada, Carson City.

That’s all the capitals there are!


School would have been so much cooler if we were taught that. Alas no! But it does make for an awesome resource for pub quizzes!

Song meaning: Let it all hang out – The Hombres

When at first I heard this song, I didn’t really think about the meaning of the song. But the more I listened to it, I wanted to know how the band came up with this nonsensical song.

I googled it and found this source:

Mark Prindle is a guy who interviewed Gary McEwen, the guitarist and songwriter of The Hombres.

The Hombres is a Memphis, TN Rock and Roll quartet that became famous during 1966-67 with their fluke single: Let it all hang out.

The song begins with Johnny Hunter (who played the drums) saying a line:

“I preach, my dear friends, you are about to receive on John Barleycorn, nicotine and the temptations of Eve…”

He got the line from some album.

Then BB Cunningham blows into a mike, the sound resembling a fart.


The song was a spoof on Bob Dylan. It was to out-Dylan Dylan.

You know, `cuz people’d say, “Why don’t you come up with something different?” And I thought, “Well, if DYLAN can get away with that crap, WE’LL do it. And it’ll be so nonsensical, NOBODY will be able to figure it out!” – McEwen.

The story behind the title:

So we were driving down the highway. We were doing about 80 miles an hour in a Cadillac with a trailer on the back. Which is always a lot of fun. It’s just constantly vibrating back and forth. And we’d reached a point – this was like right at dawn – I mean, we’re talking about when the coffee in your mouth has just really gone bad, you know, kinda bad breath. And you’re tired. You’re just fatigued. You’ve been traveling hours upon hours in the back seat. And all of a sudden – you know, Jerry’s doing the driving. And all of a sudden, he puts on the brakes and everybody leans forward Like “What in the world are ya doin’, man?” And Johnny says, “It’s a chicken wreck!” “It’s a what?” He says, “It’s a chicken wreck!” And I looked up over the seat, and there were dead chickens all over the road. Some truck that had been filled with a whole bunch of cages full of chickens had jack-knifed or did something. And he was all over the road. And there were dead chickens and there were live chickens and there were chickens on the barbed wire. And the live chickens were picking on the dead chickens. And all this is going on, and BB is sitting over there in the left rear, and he just kinda opens up the door and begins falling out the door. You know, just kinda like sliding right out. And he says, “Well, let it all hang out!” And I broke up. I mean, it just – you ever had one of those times when you’re just so tired and fatigued, somebody says some kinda stupid joke or something, and you laugh your head off until you cry? That’s what happened to me. I just said, “‘Let it all hang out’? Where in the hell did you ever come up with that?” He said, “Oh, it’s just something we used to say when I was in the Air Force.”

And so the next night, we’re in Pasadena and we’re getting ready to write this song. Now, we don’t have any material to record.

And as we were sitting in that motel room, he’s trying to shave. The water isn’t workin’ half the time. And so we started picking up things. I said, “Just tell me something. What’s the craziest thing you can think of right now, off the top of your head? Just tell me.” And he says, “I don’t know, I can’t think of anything – HOT DOG!” I said, “What’s the matter?” He says, My razor broke.” I said, “Okay, I’ll go with that!” (laughs)

He was talking about his Track II razor – that thing fell apart! He says, “Hot dog!,” you know? “My razor broke.” And see – oh no no no, I know what it was. I said, alright, I asked him, I said, “What’s the first thing -” That wasn’t the first thing though. The first thing – I said, “What’s the first thing you can think of?” and he says, “No parking by the sewer sign.”

Just out of nowhere?

And I said, “What!? Are you – What in the heck brought that on?” And he says, “I’ve never seen a sign that says `Sewer.’ Have you?” And I go, “Well, I’ve seen Stop signs.” And he says, “Well, you ever seen a `Sewer’ sign?” “Come to think about it, no!”

So it was No parking by the sewer sign/Hot dog, my razor broke.” And here he is, trying to rinse off this razor with this water, and I said, “Well, how about water dripping UP a spout?” There’s the water pouring down, and I said, “Why wouldn’t this spout reverse? Water dripping up a spout? That rhymes with out! I don’t care, let it all hang out!” So there’s where the first verse came from.

I’m thinking about the idea of what about if a guy were walking upside-down on the ceiling, you know? And then we just started thinking just crazy things, like Hanging from a pine tree by my knees.” Man, you can’t hang from a pine tree! Can ya? What would happen if you tried to hang from a pine tree? You’d fall on your head! Sun shining through the shade.” Well, how does sun shine through shade? I mean, shade is shade. It don’t shine through it, not really. Just stupid crap like that. And here, the third line, Nobody knows what it’s all about. It’s too much man, let it all hang out.”

“Saw a man walking upside down.” BB goes over and tries to turn on the television set, and the darn thing wouldn’t work. You know, My TV’s on the blink.” “Made Galileo look like a Boy Scout.”

Yeah, what does that mean?

That came from an album from a guy named Brother Dave Gardner.

Well then, if I would throw out a line like that, I would understand it, but nobody else would. We took the unfinished song to the studio that next day where Jerry and Johnny added more verses to it such as “Sleep all day, drive all night.” You would usually say, “My brain is numb.” Well, we said Brain my numb.” “Can’t stop now” – in other words, we couldn’t stop. We’d been up all night, we’d been sleeping during the daytime – my brain is just numb. We’re just fatigued. Brain my numb, can’t stop now. For sure ain’t no doubt. Keep an open mind – let it all hang out.”

“It’s rainin’ inside a big brown moon.”

Where’d that come from?

Well, let me ask you something. You ever mooned anybody? You ever stuck your butt out the window? Well, Johnny come up with that one. And you know what it would mean if you said it was a BROWN moon. Now there was a phrase going on at that time, during that era – now we said this line, “How does that mess your baby up, leg?” – everybody would say, “How does that mess your mind up, Jack?” And so after a while, if you’re four guys together, you get to where you start inverting things, like “How’s that mess your leg up, baby?” “How’s that mess your baby up, leg?” “How’s that mess your mind-” You see, just stupid crap. It’s stuff you’re doing at the supper table or in the Holiday Inn room. “Well, how’s that mess your baby up, leg?”

“Eating a Reuben-“

“-sandwich with sauerkraut.” I think one of the guys ordered a Reuben sandwich one time just `cause it was on the menu. I took a bite of it; it was horrible. At least, I didn’t like it. But that’s just something, you know, we found it on the – see, we stayed in every Holiday Inn, so we knew the menus pretty good. “Don’t stop now baby/Let it all hang out.”

So that’s what we did. And BB just talks funny. I don’t know – a lot of people seem to think that it was some kind of Texas drawl or something. Naw! This boy just talks that way! (laughs) Huey was down the hall on the phone the whole time we were recording. So, after he got off the phone, he came to hear what we had done. When he heard it, he said, “That @!X#** is a monster!”


That’s awesome! This is what legends are made of, I reckon!

10 songs you love right now – Day 5 blog challenge

Another hard challenge today. There are so many – I find it hard to choose! I have no idea what’s new on the music front these days. I keep listening to old songs on my Ipod Nano over and over again.

Most of the following songs are from film soundtracks:

  1. Moon River – Patty Griffin/Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
  2. Any No Doubt song. My fav right now: “It’s my life”
  3. Airplane – Hailey Williams feat B.O.B.
  4. Let it all hang out – The Hombres (Elizabethtown)
  5. You don’t know my name – Hugh Laurie
  6. If you knew Suzie like we know Suzie – Gene Kelly & Frank Sinatra (Anchors Aweigh)
  7. Pilgrim – Enya
  8. I wish my baby was born – Cold Mountain
  9. The Heart asks pleasure first – Michael Nyman (The Piano)
  10. Anything from The Corrs: “Dreams”.

The best song ever written!


Moon river, wider than a mile

I’m crossing you in style

some day.

You dream maker

you heart breaker

wherever you’re going

I’m going your way.

Two drifters off to see the world

there’s such a lot of world

to see.

We’re after the same rainbow’s end

waitin’ round the bend

My Huckleberry friend

Moon river and me.


This song was composed by Henry Mancini and penned by Johnny Mercer. It received an Acadamy Award for Best Original Song for its first performance by Audrey Hepburn in 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. They wrote the song especially for Hepburn’s voice.

Hepburn’s version was not released until after her death in 1993.

Patty Griffin sang the song for the Elizabethtown soundtrack.


Meaning of the song:

As a child, Mercer picked huckleberries (like wild blueberries) in the summer. To him the berries had a personal connection with a carefree boyhood, strenghtened by association with Mark Twain’s character Huckleberry Finn.


“My huckleberry friend” is often thought a reference to Huckleberry Finn. However in hi autobiography, Mercer said it was a reference to a childhood friend of his. He used to pick huckleberries with him down by a lazy river near his home in Georgia.


I found this interpretation on Suri Nahunte’s blog “Quills and Parchment”:

truly, jim and huck (huckleberry) are “two drifters off to see the world” and as one of them is an unschooled negro and the other – a child, there is truly “such a lot of world to see” for them. and as they drifted along that Mississippi river, the speaker in this poem (or song) who i suppose is jim, realized that a body of water could be a “dream maker” and “heart breaker” at the same time. but since they are left with no other avenue of escape, the speaker chose to surrender to the current – “wherever you’re going, i’m going your way.” He believes that they are “after the same rainbow’s end… my huckleberry friend, moon river and me.” he considers both huck and the river his companion, and that they are together in this journey to freedom. however, for those who wonder why the speaker called it a moon river, it may be because jim marvels at the river’s beauty only during the night when no authority can see him because he is, at that time, a wanted criminal for allegedly kidnapping huck.


Other interesting facts:

Moon River is a real river in Savannah, Georgia where Mercer grew up. His home overlooked the river and he had fond memories of the place. At the time, the river was known as The Black River, but was renamed Moon River in honor of the song and Johnny Mercer’s home along the river became known as the Moon River Home.

South African singer, Danny Williams, took this to #1 in the UK in late 1961. Williams originally refused to sing it, saying that Mercer’s lyrics were nonsensical. (!!!!!)


How I feel about the song:

I wish I could interpret my feelings fully, but I find it hard to find the right words. The song makes me want to cry, it feels like my heart is breaking, because I know we could never return back to those lazy innocent days. And I long for it so much!

I guess the song reminds me of all my warm memories and forgotten dreams and makes me nostalgic about the past.

But the song also makes me want to become a part of it. As if I also want to drift along the river like Huckleberry and Jim. I also want to be immortal like the song and the story.


I wish I had a Huckleberry friend…

One of my fav Enya songs

This song is so applicable on my life right now!



Pilgrim, how you journey

on the road you chose

to find out where the winds die

and where the stories go.

All days come from one day

that’s what you must know.

you cannot change what’s over

but only where you go.


One way leads to diamonds,

one way leads to gold.

another leads you only

to everything you told.

In your heart you wonder

which of these is true;

the road that leads to nowhere,

the road that leads to you.


Will you find the answer

in all you say and do?

Will you find the answer

in you?


Each heart is a pilgrim,

each one wants to know

the reason why the winds die

and where the stories go.


Pilgrim, in your journey

you may travel far,

for pilgrim it’s a long way

to find out who you are…


Pilgrim, it’s a long way

to find out who you are…


Pilgrim, it’s a long way

to find out who you are…

Monty Python songs

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is the best comedy I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!

Here’s a few songs by Monty Python:


We’re knights of the round table

We dance whenever we’re able

We do routines and chorus scenes

with footwork impeccable.


We dine well here in Camelot.

We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.


We’re knights of the round table

Our shows are formidable

but many times we’re given rhymes

That are quite unsingable.


We’re opera mad in Camelot

We sing from the diaphragm a lot.


War we’re tough and able, quite indefatigable

Between our quests we sequin vests

And impersonate Clark Gable

It’s a busy life in Camelot.


I have to push the pram a lot.


John Cleese’s character: “No, let’s not go there. It’s rather silly.”

The songwiters are: Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Neil Innes.

Other favourite quotes from the movie: see movie quotes and…

King (to his son): One day all of this will be yours…

Son (shrill voice): What? The curtains?


Here’s another nonsensical song:

Brave Sir Robin ran away


Brave Sir Robin ran away

Bravely bold Sir Robin

rode forth from Camelot.

He was not afraid to die,

Oh brave Sir Robin.

He was not at all afraid

to be killed in nasty ways.

Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin.


He was not in the least bit scared

to be mashed into a pulp.

Or to have his eyes gouged out, 

And his elbows broken.

To have his kneecaps split

and his body burned away,

and his limbs all hacked and mangled

Brave Sir Robin.


His head smashed in

and his heart cut out.

And his liver removed

and his bowls unplugged

and his nostrils raped

and his bottom burnt off

and his pen…

“That’s… that’s enough music for now lads, there’s dirty work afoot.”


Brave Sir Robin ran away.


Bravely ran away.

(“I didn’t!”)

When danger reared it’s ugly head,

he bravely turned his tail and fled.

(“I never!”)

Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about

and gallantly he chickened out.

(“You’re lying!”)

Swiftly taking to his feet,

He beat a very brave retreat.

Bravest of the braaaave, Sir Robin!


I’m not sure the following song is from the movie, but it is definitely by Monty Python:

I’ve got a lovely bunch of Coconuts


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts

there they are a-standin’ in row.

Big ones, small ones, some as big as yer ‘ead!

Give ’em a twist, a flick o’ the wrist,

That’s what the showman said.


Hoi’ve got a luvverly bunch o’ coconuts.

Hevery ball yer throw will make me rich.

There stands me wife, the idol of me life,

Singin’ “roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!”


Roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!

Roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!

There stands me wife, the idol of me life,

Singin’ “roll a-bowl a ball, a penny a pitch!”


The line in the song I made bold reminds me of another song. A song Zazu and Scar sings in “The Lion King.”

One of my fav songs!

Loreena Mckennitt

The Mummer’s dance


When in the springtime of the year

When the trees are crowned with leaves

When the ash, and oak, and the birch and yew

Are dressed in ribbons fair.


When owls call the breathless moon

in the blue veil of the night

The shadows of the trees appear

Amidst the lantern light.


We’ve been rambling all the night

And some time of this day

Now returning back again

We bring a garland gay.


Who will go down to those shady groves

And summon the shadows there

and tie a ribbon on those sheltering arms

In the springtime of the year.


The song of birds seem to fill the wood

That when the fiddler plays

All their voices can be heard

Long past their woodland days.


And so they linked their hands and danced

Round in circles and in rows

And so the journey of the night descends

When all the shades are gone


“A garland gay we bring you here

and at your door we stand

It is a sprout well budded out

The work of our Lord’s hand.”


We’ve been rambling…

The first time I heard this song, was when I watched the TV series “Legacy” in the late 1990’s. It makes me think of gypsies and nature witches, young girls dancing in white frocks, running through a field.

Feel good song and former ring tone.

This song is featured at the end of the film “Beetlejuice” another one of my favourites!


Cherry Poppin’ Daddies Or Harry Belafonte?

Jump in the line (shake Senora)


Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake your body line

Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake it all the time

Work, work, work, senora, work your body line

Work, work, work, senora, work it all the time.


My girl’s name is senora

I tell you friends, I adore her

And when she dances, oh brother

She’s a hurricane in all kinds of weather.


(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) ok, I believe you

(x 3)

(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) whoa


Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake your body line….


You can talk about cha cha

Tango, waltz, or the rumba

Senora’s dance has no title

You jump in the saddle 

and hold on to the bridle.


(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) ok, I believe you

(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) rock your body, child!

(jump in the line, rock your body in time) somebody help me!

(jump in the line, rock your body in time) whoa


Shake, shake, shake, senora….


Senora, she’s a sensation

The reason for aviation

And fellas, you got to watch it

When she wind up she bottom she go like a rocket


(Jump…) ok, I believe you

(Jump…) hoist those guns a little higher!

(Jump…) jumpin’ jiminy

(Jump…) whoa oh oh oh


Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake your body line

work, work, work, senora, work it all the time


Dance, dance, dance, senora, dance it all the time

work, work ,work, senora, work it all the time.


Senora dances calypso 

left to right is the tempo

And when she gets the sensation

She go up in the air

Come down in slow motion


(Jump in the line, rock your body in time) ok, I believe you

(jump in the line, rock your body in time) somebody, help me!

(jump in the line, rock your body in time) ok, I believe you

(jump in the line, rock your body in time) whoa


Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake your body line

Shake, shake, shake, senora, shake it all the time

Shake, shake, shake, senora!


This song always makes me feel a little bit better especially when I feel under pressure or depressed.


Fav songs and their nonsense lyrics

My love of music is rather bizarre.  What I find more bizarre is that there is people in this world who can only listen to one kind of music for example let’s say Heavy Metal. Or maybe they just have a strong preference to that.  I don’t know. I listen to all kinds of music.  Some of these songs can be rather bizarre and nonsensical. To show you what I mean I will show you through the lyrics:

The Hombres

Let it out (let it all hang out)

(spoken): “A preachment, dear friends, you are about to receive on John Barleycorn, nicotine, and the temptations of Eve”

(Bronx cheer; sounds like someone is making a farting sound with their tongue, can’t seem to find the right word for it.)

No parkin’ by the sewer sign

Hot dog, my razor’s broke

Water drippin’ up the spout

But I don’t care, let it all hang out.


Hangin’ form a pine tree by my knees

Sun is shinin’ through the shade

Nobody knows what it’s all about,

It’s too much, man, let it all hang out.


Saw a man walkin’ upside down

My TV’s on the blink

Made Galileo look like a Boy Scout

Sorry ’bout that, let it all hang out.


Sleep all day, drive all night

Brain my numb, can’t stop now

For sure ain’t no doubt

keep an open mind, let it all hang out.


It’s rainin’ inside a big brown moon

How does that mess you baby up, leg

eatin’ a Reuben sandwich with sauerkraut

Don’t stop now, baby, let it all hang out.


Let it all hang out (repeat to fade)

Not sure if someone came up with this genius lyrics while they were high or drunk, but I like to listen to this song when I’m really fed up with everything or have a feeling that I just couldn’t care less. Also featured in the film “Elizabethtown”.

Here’s another one:

Antsy Pants



I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire, vampire

I am a vampire

I have lost my fangs


I am a vampire, I am a vampire, I am a vampire

I have lost my fangs


So I’m sad and I feel lonely

So I cry and am very angry

And I ate some garlic 

So I am no more satanic yeah yeah


I am a vampire and I am looking in the city

But the pretty girls don’t look at me

(Don’t look at me)

Cause I don’t have my fangs

Cause I have lost my fangs.


I am a vampire, I am a vampire

I have lost my mouth organ (almost sounds like I have lost my mouth again)

I am a vampire, I am a vampire

I have lost my mouth organ


So I get bored and I shout

So I eat pop corn and I put on weight

And I sing but my voice is breaking

And I want to play the guitar

But my guitar is out of tune.


I am a vampire and I am walking in the city

But the musicals don’t play with me

(Don’t play with me)

Cause I don’t have my mouth again (Ah! okay I wasn’t entirely wrong!)

Cause I don’t have my mouth again


This is a lovely cute spoof for anything vampire-ish out there.  So sick of the Twilight-franchise it makes me want to throw up.  And don’t even get me started on Vampire diaries. Urgh! This song helps me to ridicule all those crazy, stupid people out there! Featured in “Juno”. Actually if you could get the soundtrack CD of this film –  it’s the best! I obviously like soundtracks.

Here’s another one featured in “Juno”:

Kimya Dawson

Loose Lips

Loose lips might sink ships but loose knees take trips

To San Francisco, double dutch disco,

Tech TV hottie, do it for Scotty

Do it for the living and do it for the dead

Do it for the monsters under your bed

Do it for the teenagers and do it for your mom

Broken hearts hurt, but they make us strong and


We won’t stop until somebody else calls the cops 

And even then we’ll start again and just pretend that

nothing ever happened.

(x 2)


We’re just dancing, we’re just hugging,

Singing, screaming, kissing, tugging

On the sleeve of how it used to be

How’s it gonna be?

I’ll drop kick Russell Stover, move into the starting over house

And know Matt Rouse and jest are watching me achieve my dreams


And we’ll pray, all damn day, every day, 

That all this shit our president has got will go away

While we strive to figure out a way we can survive

These trying times without losing our minds.


So if you wanna burn yourself remember that I LOVE YOU

And if you wanna cut yourself remember that I LOVE YOU

And if you wanna kill yourself remember that I LOVE YOU

Sen me an IM, I’ll be your friend.


Shysters live from scheme to scheme but my 4th quarter pipe dreams

Are seeming more and more worth fighting for

So I’ll curate some situations, make my job a big vacation

And I’ll say ‘Fuck Bush, and fuck this war’

My war paint is sharpie pink and I’ll show you how much my shit stinks

and ask you what you think because your thoughts and words are powerful

They think we’re disposable, well both my thumbs opposable (are posable?)

Spell down on a double word and triple letter score.


And we won’t stop until somebody calls the cops

And even then we’ll start again and just pretend that 

nothing ever happened.


We won’t stop until somebody calls the cops

and even then we’ll start again and just pretend that

nothing ever happened. 

(x 3)


We’re just dancing, we’re just hugging,

Singing, screaming, kissing, tugging

On the sleeve of how it used to be.


Why can’t everybody in the world be like this?

I dare you to sing this song without any tongue twisters! Very fast-paced but a good party game.