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Napowrimo – Day 27

Words: zzz’s (slaap), tyd, groeipyne, fear, diens, jasse, nostalgia, no, hell, hide

dis zzz’s tyd
wanneer die groeipyne
en die fear
vir die diens wakker word
en die jasse my nostalgia gee
no, hell has no fury
there is no place to hide.


Napowrimo Day 25 – 26

Day 25:
Words: switch, maybe (dalk), winter, droomreise (dream journeys), hartseer (sad), nog (yet), nie (not), jollie (jolly), troos (solace), herrie (row/uproar)

Dalk moet ons switch
na winter droomreise?
Hartseer is ons nog nie…
dis nog jollie
Ons dink net solank aan troos
vir die herrie
wat later gaan kom.

Day 26: 
Words: speelding (toy), wewenaar (widower), uurglas (hourglass), just (juis), ditsem (that’s it!), ongewone, you (jy), sleutel (key), leak (lek), loop (walk)

Sy was ‘n speelding
vir die wewenaar.
Met ‘n uurglaslyfie
juis ditsem!

Ongewone jy
kry ‘n sleutel by,
maar toe die dak lek
loop jy voort.


Napowrimo Day 23-24

Oh dear. I’m starting to get really lazy now. My words are almost finished since I haven’t added to my stash in weeks.

Day 23: hell, favourite, struggle, begins, choice, generation, party, his, science, snap

hell is when our favourite struggle begins
making choice of a generation
while party is his science
we snap to the beat

Day 24: hippity, knoppie, fight, island, space, buy, Bushveld, thanks, freak, out

druk die knoppie
we fight for island space
buy Bushveld
thanks freak
I’m out!

Extra: hippity, hoppity

Do you know the “Hickory, dickory, dock” poem? Well, I tried to write a poem with the words “hippity, hoppity” with the “hickory, dickory, dock” rhythm:

hippity hoppity boo
everyone went off to the zoo
when tradegy struck: poor Jack
ended up as a crocodile snack
hippity hoppity boo-hoo-hoo!

Napowrimo Day 20 – 22

Eish. The last two days I had such a big headache I had no time to work on my poems.

Day 20: hoppity, new, your, chicken, cheers, vat, as, next, a menagerie

Thoughts: “hoppity new your” looks almost like “happy new year”. “Menagerie” is a word for a little zoo or animal collection: “hoppity” refers to rabbit or bunny and chicken is already one of the chosen words.

hoppity new your
chicken cheers!
the animals are celebrating
a vat passed as they
make their way
to their next home –
a menagerie

Day 21: Red, warning, big, her, love, killing, trouble, sal (will/shall), Baobab, charge

Thoughts: the first thing I thought about when I saw the word “charge” is a little poor child being adopted by a rich family.
“Baobab” is the largest tree on the African continent.

Do not cheat her

Red is her warning,
big is her love.
killing her softly is trouble
it will only result
in a Baobab charge

Day 22: dead, your, the, quiz, magic, junk, stairs, deals, chocolate, groove

Thoughts: these words made me think of Aladdin and the street markets.

the market is dead
your world in turmoil
the economy busying
itself with the quiz
buying magic junk
running up & down the stairs
making deals
in chocolate Easter bunnies
believing they are in the groove
or are they falling?


Napowrimo – Day 17 – 19

Day 17 Words: pocket, grabs, Birthday, brand, star, rock, may, lungs, imagine, news.

Dear pocket thieves:

pockets of cash
up for grabs!
star rock on stage
may lungs burst
imagine news!

Day 18 Words: heart, kies (choose), look, shine, walker, now, good, say, vyf (five), save

Falling in love

Let your heart choose
look to shine
can hardly walker
everything now is good
say five
save time.

Day 19 Words: cracking, my, hulle (their), bleeding hearts, people?, terugblik (retrospect/look back), that!, habit, Guru

bleeding hearts
Are they even people?
retrospect that!
habit Guru

Napowrimo – Day 14

Oops! I knew I skipped a day somewhere…

Words: bucket, moved, special, are, disaster, for, zero, you, gorilla, zoem

Move my bucket
to a special place.
My tolerance are zero
Thank you for nothing
you gorilla!
May a thousand bees
zoem into your brain!

Napowrimo – Day 16

Create, old school, secret, &, kragtoer (tour de force), Emperors, the, dragging, aftree (retire), foreign.

old school
secret service
tour de force:
to retire
is a foreign concept
to them.

Napowrimo – Day 15

I once again realized that I was forcing meaning out of the words and poems. I should just let it be. So here is the words I “picked” for Day 15 in the order they came out of the bag:

royal pains
Roses are red…
ooooo… earwax!
Happy endings


Napowrimo – Day 13

Words: kokkedoor, moeilik, palace, on, the, great, throne, with, nerves, theatre, two

die kokkedoor sê
dit was moeilik om
by die palace in te kom

binne sit die queen
on the great throne

with nerves of steel
het hy ingeloop

sy beveel hom toe
om bietjie theatre te doen

hy sê vir haar straight
hy ken net
“twee vir die prys van een”


sy sê dis reg
hy skrik toe
en probeer vinnig dink
en duik by die naaste
venster uit.

sy’t glo geskree:
“Off with his head!”
maar daar was nie
meer ‘n kop om af te kap nie

Napowrimo – Day 12

Words: sweet, neighbourhood, panda, boomengel (tree angel), wheels, with, rival, a, busy, family

in a sweet neighbourhood
a panda is hugging its tree
the people calls it

wheels of a bulldozer
with loud crashing
announces the arrival
of a rival: a
busy family