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What’s at the top of your bucket list – day 16 blog challenge

I don’t really have a bucket list. I just have goals.

My #1 goal was to get a job that pays. I’m going to start a 3 month internship program as a digital copy writer/journalist on Tuesday. Luckily I can work from home, 3 days a week, 8 hours a day. That will be a considerable adjustment. I’m already busy with two articles. I finished the one today. I worked 6 hours yesterday and almost 8 hours today. I will only receive        R 1000 as payment which is actually peanuts but beggars can’t be choosers. Hopefully after 3 months they will be so impressed with my work they’ll give me  a permanent job with a bigger salary. So far so good.

I would love to write a book and publish it. That is my life goal. If only I could choose a topic and stick with it. I keep jumping around or I procrastinate.

I am so tired and my back hurts! Going to make some pancakes for dinner.


Timeline of today – day 15 blog challenge

Slept until 10 am. Waiting for my new boss to send me my first tasks. (I’m going to do a 3 month internship work at home job writing copy for websites, etc. One of the websites is for a wedding photographer.)

10-11 am: ate breakfast

11-1 pm: worked, doing research for two articles

1-2 pm: ate lunch

2- 6 pm: continued research

6 pm – writing blog entry

7 pm: eat dinner and watch news

19:30 – rest of night: resting and chilling.

I’ll probably go to bed after 11 pm. Read until I fall asleep

If I were to win the lottery… day 14 blog challenge

First of all, I would help out of my family and friends with debts etc. I will sponsor my friend who couldn’t finish her studies and help her achieve her dreams.

Then I will take some of the money and go have a vacation in America to go visit my family. I’ve never been overseas anywhere.

Then I would want to use some of the money to use to finance a book that I will write and publish.

Then if there is anything left I would like to create a company for the youth to create job opportunities, because quite frankly the rest of the world just don’t give a shit about us right now.

But for now I can’t even take care of myself and I’m still living with my parents (not that I mind I just want to be able to take care of myself and hopefully be able to take care of them in a few years time).

My earliest memory – day 13 blog challenge

My earliest memory is the smell of Rooibos tea. I don’t know how old I was at the time, but I remember drinking Rooibos tea with lots  of sugar out of the bottle.

I couldn’t (and still can’t) drink milk, because of sinusitus (sinus infection). I think I’m allergic of something in milk.

So whenever I smell Rooibos tea, it reminds me of that happy place.

What’s inside your fridge? Day 12 blog challenge

I still live with my parents, so technically it’s not my fridge. But I do have some things in there that is mine:

  • Coke Zero
  • 3 x Cranberry Archers
  • Feta cheese
  • Wimpy Mustard sauce
  • Wimpy Salad dressing
  • cucumber
  • lettuce

15 of my favourite things – Day 11 blog challenge

In no particular order, 15 of my fav things right now:

  1. Watching the French Open – Tennis
  2. Sundays
  3. My bed
  4. Reading/books
  5. Word puzzles
  6. Music/Ipad Nano
  7. Autumn
  8. The colour green
  9. The Big Bang Theory
  10. Musicals (1950’s Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Debbie Reynolds, etc)
  11. Tap dancing
  12. My nonsense blog
  13. Red oranges (Caracas)
  14. My pets
  15. “Spring cleaning” – throwing stuff away that isn’t mine

My best physical feature – Day 10 blog challenge

My best physical feature is my hair!

It takes a lot of time and care to get it the way I want it. I have to book off a whole day to wash it (sometimes it takes half an hour) and the rest of the day to get it dry.

Here’s some old photos of how thick my hair used to be. This was in my last year in primary school.

Last year in Primary school - how thick my hair once was

Last year in Primary school – how thick my hair once was

Check how thick my hair was!

Check how thick my hair was!

I wish I had the guts to cut my hair while I was still in school. It would have ruled out so much hassle.

I’ve never coloured my hair, because I like it the way it is.

My worst habits – Day 9 blog challenge

Urrrrgh! There’s something wrong with my tag-button. Every time I’m finished with a post and I want to tag it, nothing happens. I reloaded the page and I forgot to save a draft.

I’m a skin picker (if you haven’t read my “Skin pickers and other strange disorders” yet).  I don’t know why I’m doing it: maybe its some sort of coping mechanism or maybe I’m punishing myself. Or my mom.

My face is suffering. My mom says my face will never be able to recover, but I still can’t stop. I also bite my lips and pull the skin off until it bleeds.

Procrastination: even getting up in the morning is becoming a big hassle. Sometimes it feels like I have nothing to live for anymore, so why get up? I procrastinate on reading my email inbox and then I get really annoyed with myself. I procrastinate on writing sometimes.

I’m racking my brain for something else, but nothing comes to mind.

What’s in your handbag? – Day 8 blog challenge

Isn’t the contents of her handbag the prerogative of a woman to keep a secret?

  • wallet
  • pen
  • notebook
  • 6 playing dices
  • ID
  • driver’s license
  • appointment cards
  • red lip stick and grape lip gloss (but I never use it. I hate make up. It’s just there to keep my mom happy)
  • lip ice
  • cell phone
  • car keys
  • emergency pads (again too much information people!)

Okay, I’m going to stop now.

My pet hates – day 7 blog challenge

I have three pets: two dogs and a cat.

Noenoes is the oldest (10-11 dog years). I got her from the SPCA.

She hates the cat, but not as much as Pinky does.

What I hate: I hate it when she keeps on licking Pinky all over until Pinky smells like a wet dog.

When Noenoes and Pinky fights, Noenoes bites Pinky and licks up the blood from the wounds. Sometimes I really think she is a vampire.



Pinky is 4-5 years old. She is a Gotcha-special. My brother used to work at Gotcha Paintball as a marshall and there was this stray dog that got pregnant. Pinky ended up not able finding a home and she was dumped at our house. My mom and I weren’t very happy about that, but we grew accustomed to her and now I love her too much to give her away.

Pinky hates the cat with a morbid fascination. We have to keep the dogs and cat seperated. The cat is confined to the bedrooms and the dogs are restricted to the living room and kitchen. The hall way door separates the  bedrooms from the living room. But what Pinky will usually do is park herself in front of the door and as soon as she hears or smells the cat she goes berserk. Sometimes somebody (my dad!) forgets to shut the door and she slips through chasing the cat under the bed. The cat scrathes her, she yelps and runs away, but she always comes back.

Pinky also hates it when I hit her or try to discipline her and she usually takes it out on Noenoes.

She also hates new years eve and all the fireworks. She goes berserk. This years she hid under my mom’s sewing shelf.



Meowme-moo! was a yard special – literally! A stray cat became pregnant and had her litter in our yard. Meowe is the only one that survived on his own and little by little became used to us and adopted us.

He hates it when I reprimand him by hitting him on his nose. Dan wip hy sy gat en loop weg. (Then he walks away with his arse held up high angry with me).

What I hate: when he (for no reason at all) bore his nails into my arms. I had to walk around with bandages. It looked like a failed suicide attempt.


Still, they’re my babies and my best friends. I love them so much!