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2020 – what an awfully strange year!

What can I say? I first thought of writing something profound, but what is the point?

2020 will go down in history as one of the worst years of everyone’s life.

This was a year where we had to reinvent ourselves and everything we were used to doing.

It was a tough year for me – I lost my last grandparent. My grandfather died at the age of 96 on my brother’s birthday (18 November). Luckily, he didn’t pass away from Covid, but old age. He did test positive earlier in the year but hardly shown any symptoms. I miss him so much!

Oupa Barend Linde (b. 1924 – d. 2020)

It is actually a relief that he is not around anymore. This year has especially sucked for the elderly.

My dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis has been confirmed. And the worst part is, he doesn’t know he has it. My mom’s afraid that if we tell him, he might just give up al together. He’s slowly declining, his balance is getting worse, he is super skinny and falls down sometimes.

There was the 5 week-plus hiatus at home, when our country started the lockdown and you could hardly go anywhere. I know I wished for some time off of work, but not like this! The awful suspense of not knowing if I would have a job to go back to while watching as other news outlets had to close their doors… Reduced salary for three months.

Somehow we were able to get back on a full salary, close for two weeks in December and still get a bonus!

It was also the year I found out I am insulin-resistant. I actually expected the worst because I am a terrible sweet tooth and let myself go the last three years or so. Emotional overeating.

Luckily I can still try to better myself. I have pills that stops my pancreas from producing too much insulin and helps one lose weight. I have actually lost 4 kilograms starting from August.

It hasn’t all been bad. It started out so great. I got to see my idol Rafael Nadal play live in Cape Town against Roger Federer. I had to pinch myself every time sitting there, freezing my ass off.

Me “posing” with my tennis idol.

It was also my first visit to Cape Town. What fun we had!

Me goofing off in the castle.

Then I got my first scare, when a stranger contacted us two weeks later saying he found my ID at the airport. I didn’t even know it was gone!

2020 was the year a friend and I started our book club. Not just any old book club, we are a bunch of girls sharing our love for books. If it weren’t for WhatsApp it would not have lasted!

I paid off my car! Super relieved about that.

Also, my brother finally got married! Although it was touch and go, because it was raining at the time and everyone was praying for it to stop long enough so the wedding could continue. I was stupid enough to wear high heels and had to walk barefoot through the mud because it was an outside occasion. Then I made an even bigger fool of myself by dedicating a song to my brother and totally missed the mark. Oops!

Dressed up.

I am planning on celebrating New Year’s by trying to make my first Pavlova: it’s a meringue fruity dessert. If it’s a success, I might post it tomorrow.

The Velvet Underground

I have always wanted to learn the history of rock and roll music. I’ve always hoped a fairy would come along and share its knowledge with me, but alas that day never came!

So I came to the conclusion one day to start learning myself. I printed the History of Rock chart that features in the movie School of Rock and started listening.

I listen to the music while I am at work during the week and while I listen to a band, I try to read up on them.

This week I listened to The Velvet Underground. Their sound is amazing, because it sounds like any other Indie band of today. But the band formed in 1964!

Their sound was so revolutionary, that many clubs refused to let them play.

They were quite the rebels: Andy Warhol was their manager and he designed their first album cover.

Andy Warhol's cover art for The Velvet Underground's first album.

They even wrote a song about using heroin!!! (Please don’t be stupid. Don’t do drugs!)

You might know one of their songs “I’m sticking to you” from Juno‘s soundtrack.

Another interesting fact is that another band The Psychelic Furs got their name from one of The Velvet Underground’s songs: “Venus in Furs”

The leader and founder of The Psychedelic Furs Robert Butler was fascinated by the 1920’s dada art and surrealsim (just like me!) and used it in their music and music videos. They are most famously known for their “Pretty in Pink”

Both bands fall under the Psychedelic Rock/New Age Rock genre. Psychedelic rock was inspired by the use of hallucinogens drugs such as LSD and heroin. Many musicians of this era was under the influence and their music sounds very trippy.

Anyway just wanted to share that with you. Rock on!

Don Quixote – Miguel de Cervantes

Usually, when I read a book I like to begin with an open mind – meaning with as few information as possible. All I knew about Don Quixote was that it comes highly recommended. I don’t know why but I assumed Don Quixote was this Casanova character or something like The Prisoner of Zenda.

So, it turns out we return to the utterly insane world of nonsense.

In short, Don Quixote is about this guy that one day decides to become a knight, but he lives completely in this made-up world of knights, monsters, maidens, castles, etc and is far connected from reality. He and his squire go out in the world and meets other characters and have insanely funny, ridiculous adventures. He creates the heroine of his story – Dulcinea del Toboso – with whom he is madly in love with. Mind, he has only heard of her but has never seen her.

It felt like I was reading this book for two months straight – one thing I detest about old classics is that the paragraphs are usually just one long sentence and they take forever to actually get to the point. And of course every other character they meet has to first share their life story with us.

There are two things I’d like to point out of the book:

Somewhere in the book, they meet a woman who is very distressed and Don Quixote’s squire Sacho Panza makes fun of the way she speaks:

“The Panza is here, and Don Quixotissimus too; and so, most distressedest Duenissima, you may say what you willissimus, for we are all readissimus to do you servissimus.”

The second thing I’d like to point out is when Sancho gets separated from Don Quixote at one point and meets a group of pilgrims who shouts something in a strange language:

“Geld! Geld!”

The reason why I find this so significant is that “Geld” is the Afrikaans word for money.

First published: 1612 (English translation)

Rating: 4/5 It’s not badly written. I just found it very tedious.

Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury

I absolutely loved reading this book from start to finish. It is really a beautifully written book with a beautiful message.

Imagine a world where books are banned. And if you are found with books in your possession, firemen come and burn your house down.

The book revolves around a fireman, Guy Montag, who grows a conscience. He meets a strange young girl, Clarisse McClennan, who asks him if he is really happy and he realises he is not. He decides to do something about it, but ends up losing everything he had.

Ray Bradbury’s book is similar to Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World. It touches on Huxley’s theory that there is no Big Brother. People allow and love their oppression, a world where people are controlled with trivial entertainment. Everything is superficial. Nothing has meaning.

To quote Neil Postman again with Amusing ourselves to death what we love will ruin us.  which is exactly what happens to Montag’s wife. She lives in a world where she is never alone. She listens to her “family” talking through their walls, she never sleeps. But it takes a toll on her. She cannot keep it up and she tries to end her life on more than one occasion.

There is so much truth in this book:

“Everyone must leave something behind when he dies, my grandfather said. A child or a book or a painting or a house or a wall built or a pair of shoes made. Or a garden planted. Something your hand touched some way so your soul has somewhere to go when you die, and when people look at that tree or that flower you planted, you’re there.”

“I don’t talk things, sir. I talk the meaning of things.”

“Don’t ask for guarantees. And don’t look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were heading for shore.”

First published: 1953

Rating: 5/5 stars and hearts


Fahrenheit 451: Ray Bradbury: 9780345342966: Books

A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

So I decided to read this book because everyone was raving about it. But I knew absolutely nothing about it except that everyone says it’s SO good.

So I start reading it. But I don’t understand it. At first I thought there was something wrong with the e-book, like it malfunctioned or something.

Then I find out it’s supposed to be that way. Anthony Burgess uses NADSAT language: a mixture of Cockney Slang and Russian words. Which I love, because it sounds so nonsensical. My new favourite words are: bezoomny (mad), Bog (God), appypolly loggy (apology), gulliver (head), eggiweg (egg), horrorshow (good), oddy-knocky (lonesome), razdrez (upset).

I loved the way how he made himself a character in the story.

What is a clockwork orange?
I get the clockwork part, not so much that it is orange?

The book/story takes place in a dystopian future world where the youth is prone to violence or “ultra-violence” and the parents are blubbering idiots.

First published: 1962

Rating: 5/5

I watched the trailer of the movie, but it looks very disturbing. I don’t know if I am brave enough to watch it. A Clockwork Orange eBook: Burgess, Anthony: Kindle Store


It has been three months since our country went into lockdown because of the virus and everything is different. It is like living in a dystopian world, a nightmare we wish could end.

We had to wake up to a new reality where people wear masks, you’re not allowed to touch or hug other people even if they are your closest family. Speaking of family you are not allowed to visit them even if it is their first birthday.

We wash our hands like crazy as if we never washed them before.

Children are having a hard time: they live in a world where they actually want to go to school but can’t! Parents are going nuts because now they have to discipline their children all by themselves while trying to keep onto their jobs.

We live in a world where many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods. So many media houses that are closing their doors forever. We knew it was going to happen sometime for the print media, but never imagined it would end like this!

Can someone please explain to me why a CEO decided it was appropriate to give himself a big bonus, while most of his employees lost their jobs? It’s like when that captain of the ocean liner jumped ship to save his own life without caring what happens to his passengers. Sick!

We live in a world where cigarettes and alcohol are banned. We have a curfew – no one is allowed out at night after 9pm – except if you are an “essential worker”.

We live in a world where you are afraid to go the doctor or hospital because you might pick up the virus somewhere.

We live in a world where when someone you know test positive for the virus it is like a death sentence. You are not allowed to visit them in hospital, people die alone.

There are almost no sporting events to speak of – except overseas where countries think the virus is a hoax. Until the players actually test positive – yeah, I’m referring to that idiot Djokovic!

We live in a world where our government is desperately trying to save a corrupt business that owes billions of rand, but our tourism industry is dying! We are not even allowed to travel for leisure, which means no more holidays!

Our favourite chocolates are being discontinued because the company says they want to create other fun candies?? Why fix something that isn’t broken? RIP Chocolate Log

So, to sum up: 2020 is the year of no school, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no social life and no freedom!

2020 is turning me into this:

a bezoomny Angry bird!

Bezoomny Angry bird

April Fools Day

I thought I might share some of our South African humour with you.

So, if you don’t know this by now, we as South Africans are notorious for our humour especially when it comes to the serious stuff in life. Some would say it’s a bit inapproriate, but that is just how we deal with stuff.

We did it with the listeriosis scare in 2018 cracking jokes about polony. Here is just one of the classics:


And now it is coronavirus’ turn.



Seriously though…

The think the joke is really on us this year.

I remember in February we all made fun of the Australians for panic buying toilet paper! Fast forward a month later and a whole bunch of our own people fell for that trap!
I mean, really it is one of the most stupid things I’ve seen in a very long time. People panic buying not food or alcohol but TOILET PAPER.

Here is some more toilet humour:



Hi! It’s me again…

I feel so guilty. I cannot even remember the last time I published something.

But life is pretty hectic as it is… as you all might know.

A few months ago we had loadshedding which means they switch your electricity off according to a schedule, so I could not risk trying to go on the internet.

Now, we are in lockdown because of youknowwhat. I work at a newspaper and all we ever write about these days is the stupid virus. I’m so sick of it!

Anyway, so this is what is keeping me busy this year:

I’m trying to write a film script based on my grandmother’s life. But I’m REALLY struggling.

At first it was sort of easy because the competition I’m doing it for only required a partial script (20 pages) for a short film but I started too late last year and it was not close to finished.

So, I figured I could just carry on and enter this year. Until I found out they changed the brief: now they want a full script of 90 pages!!!

I have this awful feeling I won’t be able to finish it – even if I throw all my ideas together I still won’t have even close to enough pages.

Plus, I basically only have an outline of my grandmother’s life and it’s not like I can just ask her about it, because she passed away in 2016.

So why am I doing it you ask?

Well, it’s actually my aunt’s idea. She figured my grandmother’s life story could make for some riveting screen time and because I have a knack at writing, I am the lucky winner.

So yeah that’s what I have been up to the last year.

And oh wait, I also started a book club with a university pal of mine. It’s still early days, but it’s really fun. That’s why I haven’t really been posting book reviews here lately. Or maybe I’m just a bit over it? I don’t know. I’m taking a break from that.

I’m currently reading the classic thriller “Strangers on a train”. But I think I’m going to finish it tonight. Very easy read.


2019 Gratitude Jar Challenge

gratitude jar

I did the 52 week Gratitude Jar Challenge for 2019 and the plan was to go through it on New Year’s Eve, but I had such a horrible headache and my dog was in hysterics because of the fireworks so I skipped it.

The idea was to write something on a piece of paper that I was grateful for or stood out for me every week for a year.

Mine is not as colourful as the picture shows, but here goes:

Week 1:

We have been blessed with 3 days’ rain.

Week 2:

  • Zumba classes started again.
  • Mom loves her belated Christmas present: the whole Keeping up with Appearances series.

Week 3:

We just found out that my brother has got his girlfriend pregnant. I’m glad my mom is finally going to be a grandmother but not under this circumstances.

Week 4:

Took my first sick day from work. Luckily the doctor wasn’t cross with me.

Week 5:

Went to see Agatha Christie’s play “Mousetrap” based on her story “Three blind mice”. Mel sê dit was bietjie lank.

Week 6:

I went to see the Nosferatu Silent Horror Symphony at the Brooklyn theatre with my friends Nicolene and Marilyn. It was quite the experience. Nosferatu is a black and white silent movie based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula. There were musicians who added the music to the movie with all kinds of instruments. The highlight was the theremin!


Week 7:

  • Lekker pampoenkoekies geëet.
  • My brother got engaged.

Week 8:

Oupa het geval en sy heup gebreek, maar gelukkig was die operasie ‘n sukses.

Week 9:

  • Oupa moet nou in outehuis gaan bly.
  • I decided to stop attending support group every week.

Week 10:

Had my first sleepover in a very long time at bestie’s house and we watched Once upon a time. Trying to get out of my comfort zone.

Week 11:

  • Plus: Subscribed to New York Times crosswords, which means crosswords galore!
  • Negative: Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Week 12:

My dad turned 69 this year. We celebrated by playing some Rummikub.

Week 13:

Felt like someone played an April Fool’s Joke on me. Wanted to play Bones 9 DVD, but as it turns out there are somethings like region codes and if your player doesn’t have it, it is not compatible. Luckily, we could play it on my parents’ machine but it has a terrible echo.

Week 14:

Bought a second-hand Dr Seuss book for Danté, my brother’s girlfriend’s first child.

Week 15:

  • Had my first hummus.
  • Our Chinese waiter who could speak Afrikaans fluently.

Week 16:

  • Saved a bat’s life. It was clinging to the side of our swimming pool. I used the braai tongs to lift its tail up and over.


  • Went to see stage production of Chichago with bestie. “They both reached for the gun, the gun…”

Week 17:

  • Held a baby shower for one of our members at support group. Angela baked such a lovely cake.
  • Het 5 brandwurms by Aqua gesien.

Week 18:

Finished typing my grandmother’s memoirs for the rest of the family. It was one of those things I said I would do, but didn’t.

Week 19:

  • Decided to vote in the election. It is my feminist duty!
  • Drove down to Uitenhage and saw the Gariep Dam and “Vallei van Verlatenheid” along the way.

Week 20:

My only remaining grandparent turned 95 this year! I took time off work to go and celebrate this milestone with him. We did a lot of sightseeing during our road trip and I got to see the Owl house and I bought myself some Toby jugs.

Week 21:

Paid tribute to my support group with Faith Hill’s “There you’ll be” my favourite song for now.

Week 22:

Uiteindelik besluit wat ek wil maak vir die Baby Shower: ‘n blommekransie. Het begin hekel aan blommetjies.

Week 23:

While my parents were away on holiday, I had to feed myself somehow. I was planning to make stir fry one night, but there was only pork mince in the fridge. So I got the crazy idea of making my first batch of pork mince balls.

Snaaksie: Wilde beeste is “perde me horings”.

Week 24:

My mom and I went to my brother’s fiancé’s Baby Shower. It was a bit awkward as we do not know her family at all. This is what I made: a floral head band.

baby shower

Week 25:

My aunt has been pestering me for a while now to write a script based on the true life events of my paternal grandmother: she grew up in an orphanage during the Great Depression and Great Drought in the 1930s. So I finally decided to give it a go…

Week 26:

  • I was officially welcomed into the production team at work.
  • Coworker lent me his Calvin & Hobbss comics.

Week 27:

Hmmm. This inscription makes no sense “Dagboek amper klaar” I cannot for the life of me remember what I meant with this? Did I perhaps meant I was almost finished with writing the script?

Week 28:

  • Diané is here! My brother’s baby girl was born on 9 July 02:40 and weighed 3.64kg.
  • The weirdest thing happened to me. I found one of my ear rings that went missing, but it’s where I found it that is so weird. At work we all have our own parking space and one morning when I got out of my car and looked down, there it was! I could have driven over it, but I haven’t!

Week 29:

  • Uiteindelik geleer hoe om te Deep Edge in Design en dit reggekry – soveel makliker as wat ek gedink het. Almal was baie impressed.
  • Ek en Melani het vir die 50ste herdenking van die maanlanding na Marilyn se company se kunsuitstalling gegaan. Daar was SO baie mense!
  • Vir die eerste keer in ‘n Indiese restaurant geëet – die kos is baie lekker!

Week 30:

  • Moemin! I got to watch some episodes of my favourite childhood series which I got from someone at work. For some unexplained reason you cannot find the series in Afrikaans anywhere.
  • I got a raise at work.
  • I am still a junior subeditor, but I had to read all the pages alone on Friday.

Week 31:

  • Ek drink nooit tee by die werk nie, maar hierdie week kon ek met my nuwe Kansa-beker.

Week 32:

9 Aug Women’s Day marked the one month anniversary of my brother’s baby girl’s, Diané.  I still cannot get over the fact that he is a father now, and I am an aunt!

Week 33:

Went to visit one of our therapists at her home to drop off some stuff for a charity sale. Silly, clumsy me dropped everything when getting out of the car. We had a long talk over a cup of tea and I got to meet one of our support group members’ new born baby.

Week 34:

I have been sick for a week and instead of me forcing myself to go to work, I went to the doctor instead. And not a moment too soon! I was booked off for two days because I had a case of tonsilitis!

Week 35:

I helped out at our charity sale and got some books I used to read when I was very young and we visited our local library. I was also gifted a painting of a ghost ship that made quite an impression on me.

Week 36:

  • Said goodbye to one of our subeditors. Everyone is sorry to see her go, she gave me some good advice.
  • Went for a test drive for a Suzuki Jimny. Didn’t go as planned, because now I do not know which car I want – I just know it is not a Jimny.
  • One of my university friends invited me to come to his choir’s performance. It was brilliant – I just wished I congratulated him afterwards and not on Facebook.

Week 37:

I work as a subeditor at a community newspaper and they loved my title suggestion for a front page story: “Rus sag, sagmoedige reus”.

Week 38:

Ek het vir my niggie Roché gaan kuier met haar seuntjies se verjaarsdagpartytjie. Hulle verjaar saam met my in September. Was maar awkward aan die begin, maar het later lekker gekuier saam met van haar oud-musiekstudente.

Week 39:

  • I turned 30 this year and decided I wanted to hold a braai on Saturday night with all the yummy things.
  • Sunday, my bestie and I went to an 80s vs 90s musical show and it was wonderful! The only downside was the place we went to didn’t serve cocktails 😦
  • Another downside is that we finished the last season of Bones.

Week 40:

I got a new role at work today. There is an intern and I have to train him in writing the best copy for our newspaper – but oh, he is so annoying!

Week 41:

  • On my way home on a Friday afternoon a bee flew into my window and stung me! This was the last straw and I took it as a sign to get a new car with air con.

Week 42:

  • I finally went to the doctor when the bee sting just became worst. Turns out it wasn’t a bee – it was a wasp – ouch!
  • I asked one of our more experienced subeditors to help me with a cryptic crossword at work.

Week 43:

  • It was 37 degrees Celcius on Monday and I asked my mom to do my hair up in a Dutch girl style – something I’ve never done before! Everyone at work loved it!
  • It doesn’t happen often when I try my hand in the kitchen but I had this wonderful idea of making beef, carrot, chutney meatballs. Or as we say in Afrikaans: frikadelle!


Week 44:

  • Bought myself a car for my 30th birthday. Ain’t it purrty?


I call it “Die Rooi Gevaar” Afrikaans for Red Danger. It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to what people used to refer to Communism in our culture.

  • My birthday prezzie: My bestie gifted me an Amusement Part scratch off scene. 20200101_115800
  • After a seriously long drought season, we received our first rains: 48mm!

Week 45:

  • I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much at work. We had to edit the story of Tjortsie – a pet chicken. The journalist who wrote it certainly made our day – and week!
  • Had my first swim since winter has ended and summer started.

Week 46:

Went to my first German market at the German Old Age Homes and I bought some yummy cookies and a Nut cracker figure.

Week 47:

  • Went to pick up my BRAND NEW CAR! Here I am ringing the bell at the car dealership.


Week 48:

So many people congratulating me on my new car. I must say it is such a relief to have an air con in this heatwave.

Week 49:

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful rain! It rained non-stop for a week. Some parts of the city even flooded!

Week 50:

  • Have you ever wondered where the term “bookWORM”  comes from? Well, I actually stumbled upon one while leafing through an old book. At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but realized there was a teeny tiny worm walking on the page!!!
  • I dyed my hair with a hidden rainbow theme again. Boo yah!


Week 51:

My eerste braai gepak. Ek en my ma het gesukkel om die vuur aan die gang gekry, maar kon darem want firelighters was oud. Toe ek vir pa gaan roep het om vuur aan te steek, toe sê hy ons moet solank bid?!

Week 52:

  • I remember growing up, we had a toy kaleidoscope and it was a frantic mission to get one for my brother’s girls. (I ended up buying the last two at Toys R Us: one for Danté and one for me!
  • Of course it was Diané’s first Christmas and my mom and I went completely overboard in buying presents.
  • Christmas day was also the last day I would drive with my old car and part with it.
    I can tell you this much,  I wasn’t sorry in the least! I was completely drenched in sweat and of course I got lost again! Having air con and a navigation system in my car are two things I will never take for granted!


Ek is ‘n nonsens versamelaar. Ek versamel graag nonsens woorde.

Dit hoef nie noodwendig nonsens te wees nie, party woorde klink en lyk so snaaks dat ek nie anders kan om dit as nonsens te beskou nie.

Hier is ‘n paar Afrikaanse “nonsens” woorde:

a = aanstons, almiskie, altoos, atiesjoe
b = befomfaai/befonkfaai, bokkapater, boksemdais, bogsnuiter
c =
d = druipstert
e = élan
f = fantasmagories, fielafooi, flonker
g = gatkruiper, gedoriewaar, geradbraak, ginnegaap
h = heet, hensop, hinkepink, hittete, hoeka, holderstebolder, husse
i = indompel
j = jakopeweroë
k = kwaksalwer, kasarm, katswink, kerjakker, kiertsregop,
l = lae lak, lieplapper, lilliputter
m = mandjiedans, maaifoedie
n = neffens, nonsies, noppies
o = oksel, olé, omgeëllie, ondeund, oppiep
p = petalje, paloeka, pardoems, pê, piets, piepie
q =
r = rabbedoe, radbraak
s = skoor (skoor soek, skoorvoetend, skoorsteen), siebie
t = trekpleister, traktaaitjie
u =
v =
w = wêla kapêla
x =
y =
z =