It has been three months since our country went into lockdown because of the virus and everything is different. It is like living in a dystopian world, a nightmare we wish could end.

We had to wake up to a new reality where people wear masks, you’re not allowed to touch or hug other people even if they are your closest family. Speaking of family you are not allowed to visit them even if it is their first birthday.

We wash our hands like crazy as if we never washed them before.

Children are having a hard time: they live in a world where they actually want to go to school but can’t! Parents are going nuts because now they have to discipline their children all by themselves while trying to keep onto their jobs.

We live in a world where many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods. So many media houses that are closing their doors forever. We knew it was going to happen sometime for the print media, but never imagined it would end like this!

Can someone please explain to me why a CEO decided it was appropriate to give himself a big bonus, while most of his employees lost their jobs? It’s like when that captain of the ocean liner jumped ship to save his own life without caring what happens to his passengers. Sick!

We live in a world where cigarettes and alcohol are banned. We have a curfew – no one is allowed out at night after 9pm – except if you are an “essential worker”.

We live in a world where you are afraid to go the doctor or hospital because you might pick up the virus somewhere.

We live in a world where when someone you know test positive for the virus it is like a death sentence. You are not allowed to visit them in hospital, people die alone.

There are almost no sporting events to speak of – except overseas where countries think the virus is a hoax. Until the players actually test positive – yeah, I’m referring to that idiot Djokovic!

We live in a world where our government is desperately trying to save a corrupt business that owes billions of rand, but our tourism industry is dying! We are not even allowed to travel for leisure, which means no more holidays!

Our favourite chocolates are being discontinued because the company says they want to create other fun candies?? Why fix something that isn’t broken? RIP Chocolate Log

So, to sum up: 2020 is the year of no school, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no social life and no freedom!

2020 is turning me into this:

a bezoomny Angry bird!

Bezoomny Angry bird

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