Hi! It’s me again…

I feel so guilty. I cannot even remember the last time I published something.

But life is pretty hectic as it is… as you all might know.

A few months ago we had loadshedding which means they switch your electricity off according to a schedule, so I could not risk trying to go on the internet.

Now, we are in lockdown because of youknowwhat. I work at a newspaper and all we ever write about these days is the stupid virus. I’m so sick of it!

Anyway, so this is what is keeping me busy this year:

I’m trying to write a film script based on my grandmother’s life. But I’m REALLY struggling.

At first it was sort of easy because the competition I’m doing it for only required a partial script (20 pages) for a short film but I started too late last year and it was not close to finished.

So, I figured I could just carry on and enter this year. Until I found out they changed the brief: now they want a full script of 90 pages!!!

I have this awful feeling I won’t be able to finish it – even if I throw all my ideas together I still won’t have even close to enough pages.

Plus, I basically only have an outline of my grandmother’s life and it’s not like I can just ask her about it, because she passed away in 2016.

So why am I doing it you ask?

Well, it’s actually my aunt’s idea. She figured my grandmother’s life story could make for some riveting screen time and because I have a knack at writing, I am the lucky winner.

So yeah that’s what I have been up to the last year.

And oh wait, I also started a book club with a university pal of mine. It’s still early days, but it’s really fun. That’s why I haven’t really been posting book reviews here lately. Or maybe I’m just a bit over it? I don’t know. I’m taking a break from that.

I’m currently reading the classic thriller “Strangers on a train”. But I think I’m going to finish it tonight. Very easy read.


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