My Nonsense Alphabet

A – Absurdity, applesauce, argle-bargle
B – Bilge, baloney, BS, brouhaha, blatterskite
C – Claptrap, codswollop, cockamamie,
D – Drivel, Dada, dribble. doddle,
E – Empty talk, eyewash
F – Fudge, Flim flam, farce, fracas
G – Gab, gibberish, Greek, gobbledygook
H – Hogwash, hokum, horsefeathers, humdrum, hissy fit, hoi polloi, hoddy-noddy, hooey
I – Idiocy, idle talk, insane
J – Jabber, jargon
K – Kookiness, knick-knack
L – Ludicrous, loony, lickity-split
M – Marlarkey, mumbo jumbo, mummery, meh
N – Nonsense, nuts
O – Out of one’s mind
P – Poppycock, potty, pell-mell, ptooey/ptui
Q – Quackery, QI, quatschen
R – Ridiculous, rubbish, razzmatazz, random, reductio ad absurdum
S – Silly, slipslop, skimble-scamble, SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up)
T – Tommyrot, twaddle, taradiddle
U – Unmeaningness, unreason
V – Verbiage
W – Waffle, wacko
X –
Y – Yakking, Ya-ta-ta, yap
Z – Zany, zippicamiknicks

I need help with the letters Q and X. Anyone?

About dada4nonsense

I am a 30-year-old (23 at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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