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While going through our bookshelves in search of a good story I came upon these old Reader’s Digest editions with selected stories. Here are the stories I read in the order I read them:

The Suitcases – by Anne Hall Whitt
“Pack your suitcases, girls. You are leaving here today.” Anne Whitt and her two sisters heard these words all too often when they were growing up during the American Depression. Their mother had died and their father had abandoned them, and the three girls were moved from one foster-home to another without warning or explanation, never knowing what the next move would bring. When at last they found a permanent home, Anne faced a new struggle – to accept the healing power of love. This true story is vividly recollected and poignantly told.

Rating: 5/5 Very heart-breaking.

The Sound of Wings – by Spencer Dunmore
Airline pilot Adam Beale has been flying jets across the Atlantic for years without mishap. But now, suddenly, he seems to be blotting his copybook: seeing a plane which no one else sees, and hearing Morse signals. Is someone trying to tell him something – or is he simply heading for a nervous breakdown? When Beale starts to investigate he finds himself in deepening waters, and is horrified to find the girl he loves threatened too… Tension mounts as the clues begin to fall into place. Will the mystery be solved in time? A gripping adventure story, spiced with danger and romance.

Rating: 5/5 A fascinating tale that combines mystery and ghosts from the past.

Airframe – Michael Crichton
Why did a passenger plane pitch and dive repeatedly en route from Hong Kong, killing three passengers? That’s what Casey Singleton, accident investigator for Norton Aircraft, has to find out fast. But the press are against her, and so too are certain high ranking executives with a vested interest in keeping the aircraft’s safety record clean.

Rating: 5/5 A brilliantly detailed story, if you ever watched “Air Crash Investigation” this is for you.

The Partner – John Grisham
It has taken four years and $3.5 million, but Patrick Lanigan has at last been tracked down to a small town in Brazil. He is living very modestly for a man who, having faked his own death, has embezzled $90 million from his law firm and one of its clients. But then Lanigan has always known that he will be found – it’s all part of his audacious and cunning plan.

Rating: 4/5 A tale about a man who outsmarted everyone and still lost everything.

Birds of Prey – Wilbur Smith
It is 1667 and a naval war rages between the Dutch and the English. Sir Francis Courteney, his son Hal, and the crew of the caravel the Lady Edwina, lie in wait off the African coast for a Dutch galleon returning from the Orient laden with spices, timber and gold. So begins this magnificent story of high seas adventure, packed full of excitement, passion and treachery.

Rating: 5/5 Any book that incorporates the early history of South Africa gets a thumbs up from me.




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