Moby Dick by Herman Melville

I always wondered what the fuss was all about when people talked about Moby Dick. I also wondered why would anyone call their book by that name. It is only later when I found out that it is the name of the whale.

I took out the book last year during vacation and it wasn’t what I expected.

I can understand why most people find this book so tiring. There are just an endless supply of poetry in the prose. What I mean by that is there is descriptive language everywhere. Most of the time I zoned out wishing the author would get to the point. Dialogue only starts on page 13!

Honestly I can’t remember the last time I hated reading a book so much. I just wanted to finish it. Sometimes I couldn’t figure out who was telling the story. The moment when Ishmael steps upon the whaling ship it’s as if he just disappears.

Then some chapters actually read like a biology book: going into detail about the anatomy and history of whales.

If you don’t care to know how they used to hunt, catch and slaughter whales then this book is not for you.

You get the sense that when Captain Ahab and Moby Dick the White Whale meet again it will lead to everyone’s doom.

What I did like about the book: I liked Ishmael’s first meeting with Queequeg, the cannibal harpooneer. Those chapters plus the last three were really the only parts of the book I enjoyed.

First published: 1851

Interesting fact: Turns out the fictional white whale got his name from a real notorious albino whale known as Mocha Dick.

Rating: 2/5*

*note: Really well-written, but I struggled to work through all those descriptions and detail.

Conclusion: Herman Melville was a dick and his book a pain in the ass.



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