Athletes vs Zombies

Have you ever played the PC game “Plants vs Zombies”? I had the wonderful idea a while back to make a new version called “Athletes vs Zombies”.

I love watching the Pole Vault and High Jump in any Athletic competition and so this year with the Rio Olympics I was nailed to the screen. The techniques they use are so fascinating: it’s like watching former tennis star Andy Roddick when he is serving.

When I watch pole vault it always makes me think of knights and horses and lances and yes: jousting! The only difference is the athlete is sans horse and the lance is longer.

Every time they run up I just want to yell: CHARGE!!!


But there was a time when I hated everything about athletics and couldn’t see any point in it. At school it was compulsory to attend and participate in athletics season. The one event I loathed the most was hurdles.

Actually there is still a part of me that thinks like that to this day. I know it must be a big deal to all the athletes if they break a record – even by a few split seconds. But to an outsider like me, it seems kind of silly.

Actually when you really think about it all sports are silly. I mean where in the ordinary world will you use your skills as a pole vaulter, high jumper, hammer thrower?

So what if you are the fastest man in the world or can jump the highest or farthest, right?

Unless… the world changes into a post-apocalyptic world roaming with zombies and you can either use your athletic skills to get away from or battle the zombies.

If I remember correctly there is a pole vaulting zombie on one level in the “Plants vs Zombies” game where it charges with a pole and vaults over a rock or boulder.


I’d totally play THAT game! Imagine you can save the world by throwing discus and hammers to knock out zombies.

Or imagine when it is the end of the world and even the actors playing in our favourite TV series like “The Walking Dead” have to use their “skills” to save the human race! Huh?!


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