“Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie


No, I haven’t seen the film yet. Though I hear it is quite good.

What it is about:
Thundering along on its three-day journey across Europe, the famous Orient Express suddenly came to a stop as snow drifts blocked the line. Surrounded by the silent Balkan Hills, the passengers settled down for the night.

But Hercule Poirot did not sleep well. He awoke with a start in the small hours, roused by a loud groan from nearby. At the same moment the ping of a bell sounded sharply and someone said: ‘It was nothing, a mistake…’ Then Poirot heard no more.

In the morning the man in the next compartment lay dead, stabbed viciously and frenziedly over and over again. And Hercule Poirot confronted twelve unlikely suspects – for the murderer was still on the train.

First published: 1934

What I liked about the story:
The fact that it takes place in a confined space with so many different characters you have to decide with Poirot who is telling the truth and who is lying…

Rating: 5/5


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