Time Bomb – Jonathan Kellerman

time bomb

I was somewhat devastated when I had to go on holiday with no Agatha Christie book to accompany me. On arrival we found some secondhand books in the TV cabinet. This book caught my eye.

Back cover: Sins of the past have taken root… to flower anew in hatred and death.

The cheerful chaos of a California schoolyard is shattered one autumn day by gunfire. No children are hurt, but a sniper is shot down – and psychologist Dr Alex Delaware is called in to help the kids cope with the trauma.

Then comes another stunning surprise: the identity of the sniper. And Delaware is intrigued by the chance to explore intimately the forces that created such a twisted personality.

But as he becomes more deeply involved, he discovers an ever-widening net of malice has been cast – one that reaches far beyond the school compounds and which may already have claimed innocent lives.

First published: 1990

Rating: 4/5

Yes, having an Agatha Christie would have made my vacation tops. But this was a close second.


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