I Spy

Who remembers this beloved childhood game? We used to play it while going on a road trip.

I improvised it a little on our seaside vacation. I love to explore the rocks on the beach and the water pools. One thing that really fascinated me this year is to look for sea crabs. They’re usually deeper into the ocean, clinging to the rocks.

One day, my dad and I, discovered a whole bunch of them. But I didn’t have my camera with me. So the next day, armed with my camera, I set out to explore again. I came across this interesting character. I can’t remember ever seeing one with such bright yellow feet.


It’s only now at home that I discovered that it’s called a Little Egret (AFr: Klein Witreier).

Just left from him I saw something that I never thought I would see so close to the shore. At first I thought it was a snake, but then noticed it’s sleek head and body. See if you can spot it! (I tried to take a good pic of it but it kept swimming away so quickly).


I know what I saw! I’m convinced it’s an eel, possibly a Longfin Eel. Here’s an interesting fact: no eels are electric and the so-called “Electric Eel” is not even an eel, it is part of the knifefish family!

The Eel had some other buddies to keep it company in and around the rock pool:

The one in the middle looks like a bottom feeder, those fish you usually see in fish tanks. Anyway, here are the crabs as promised:


My parents also took me to this natural swimming pool on the seashore. I was too afraid to swim in it though, afraid something might bite me.

This was done by a local sand artist:


I spy:

Oppad terug van die seevakansie af het ek die volgende gesien: 2 sekretarisvoëls, ‘n meerkat, ‘n klomp wit perde, ‘n swart stallion en ek het drie keer dieselfde roofvoël met ‘n snaakse kuif op sy kop gesien. Met die kuif het dit gelyk soos ‘n kokketiel! Ek het ongelukkig nie foto’s geneem nie – as dit van my afgehang het sou ons elke kort-kort moes stop sodat ek alles wat ek “spaai” kon afneem.

Die snaakse roofvoël wat ek gesien het, was toe volgens die voëlboek ‘n Langkuifarend. Ek het gedink dit lyk so half snaaks – dit lyk of dit ‘n punk hairstyl het! ‘n Sekretarisvoël lyk ook baie snaaks, dit lyk asof sy langbroek te kort is vir sy lang bene.


Afr: Langkuifarend. Eng: Longcrested Eagle.

118 Sekretarisvoël_800x504

Afr: Sekretarisvoël. Eng: Secretary Bird. Latin: Sagittarius serpentarius


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