Passenger to Frankfurt – Agatha Christie

passenger to frankfurt

Back cover: Sir Stafford Nye, an unambitious British diplomat, travelling from Malaya to London, did not expect the two-hour delay in Frankfurt. Nor did he expect to meet a woman who tells him that someone is trying to kill her. The woman outlines a plan for her escape, and the adventurous Nye agrees to play his part, not realising that he will be immediately thrown into a world of intrigue and death.

First published: 1970

Thoughts: I loved the beginning of the book where Nye meets the mysterious woman. But that feeling doesn’t last. The rest of the story is somewhat uneventful and takes a rather absurd turn for the worst when Nye is taken to the Great Woman of the Mountain; and when Christie gives us an alternate theory to Hitler’s demise.

Rating: 2/5

Interesting fact: Agatha wrote and published this book when she was 80!


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