N or M? – Agatha Christie

N or M

Back cover: The war has not changed Sans Souci, the prim seaside boarding-house; it is still patronised by retired army men, gossipy old ladies and young people in love. But one of them is a spy: the leader of the ‘fifth column’ or highly-paced traitors who will seize power when Hitler invades England. ‘N’ or ‘M’ has even infiltrated British intelligence. A completely unknown agent is needed to unmask him, and the irrepressible Beresfords, Tommy and Tuppence come to live at Sans Souci.

First published: 1941

Thoughts: If this book wasn’t written by Agatha Christie I would have given up and stopped reading. For the first 100 pages nothing really happens – it’s as if Agatha takes her time to introduce us to the characters.

What I did like about this book was the title. Why is the ‘N’ first? This was also my first introduction with some of Agatha Christie’s not so popular characters: Tommy and Tuppence. I think the BBC has recently made a TV-series with these two characters in it. I think it’s called “Partners in Crime”.

Rating: 3/5


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