Napowrimo Day 25 – 26

Day 25:
Words: switch, maybe (dalk), winter, droomreise (dream journeys), hartseer (sad), nog (yet), nie (not), jollie (jolly), troos (solace), herrie (row/uproar)

Dalk moet ons switch
na winter droomreise?
Hartseer is ons nog nie…
dis nog jollie
Ons dink net solank aan troos
vir die herrie
wat later gaan kom.

Day 26: 
Words: speelding (toy), wewenaar (widower), uurglas (hourglass), just (juis), ditsem (that’s it!), ongewone, you (jy), sleutel (key), leak (lek), loop (walk)

Sy was ‘n speelding
vir die wewenaar.
Met ‘n uurglaslyfie
juis ditsem!

Ongewone jy
kry ‘n sleutel by,
maar toe die dak lek
loop jy voort.


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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