Napowrimo – Day 10

Words from the bag: midsummer, Woolies, Alzheimer, snuffel (sniff), wagging, roomyspienk (pink ice cream), success, march, can’t, to.

Every Midsummer
Woolies & Alzheimer
march: snuffel and wagging
to the beat but
can’t quite reach
roomyspienk success.

Every Midsummer
I get the case of Alzheimer
I can’t find my dog in his
roomyspienk Woolies sweater.
He’s probably sniffing and wagging
to the beat of March – success!

Every Midsummer
Woolies march for
Alzheimer patients
with sniffling and wagging dogs
and roomyspienk sweaters
to raise awareness
but can’t reach success.


About dada4nonsense

I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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