Day 4 – Napowrimo

I didn’t forget. I just didn’t get the chance to visit my blog on Monday or Tuesday.

Here is Day 4’s words: kopskuif, why, dreams, sudden death, mix and match, uitbreek, I

Thoughts: “uitbreek” is Afrikaans for break free, it made me think of song “I want to break free” by Queen and “I” is one of the words I pulled out of the bag.
I also desperately tried to make tennis the theme of the poem because of the words “sudden death” and “match”, but it felt forced. I then realized I was trying too hard. I should just let it be.
I decided to make “kopskuif” my title. It’s the Afrikaans word for “mind shift”.  I couldn’t decide what to do with “mix and match” It was once the name of one of my friend’s clothing design shops.

Here goes:


Why do some
dreams end in
sudden death?
Mix and match
I want to break free.

I want to break free.
Mix and match
sudden death
dreams end in
why do some?

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