Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie Dumb Witness

Back cover: 

When Hercule Poirot discovered the truth of the dog’s ball incident he was convinced that Emily Arundell did not die from natural causes. Who then, was responsible for the death of this rich spinster? Was it the slightly wanton Theresa, her spendthrift brother Charles, or her meek companion Miss Lawson. Bella Tanios, married to a Greek doctor and those irritating Miss Tripps, with their infernal séances, were all suspect.

First published: 1937

Rating: 3/5

Obviously, I went for the two popular suspects. It seems that I keep forgetting it’s always the one that you least expect to be the murderer. I was like Captain Hastings that couldn’t make up his mind who dunnit?

At first I thought the dog was the “Dumb witness” because he cannot speak the truth and even if he did we wouldn’t be able to understand him.


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