Other books on the Holocaust

“Surviving Hitler” 
by Andrea Warren

This account is even more terrifying than Anne Frank’s diary before she was caught, maybe because Jack Mandelbaum lived through his suffering and survived!

Back Cover:

Once again, hunger turns the men into savages. When he is finally given his slice of bread, Jack holds it tightly in his hands so no one can grab it from him.

It is 1942. Fifteen-year-old Jack Mandelbaum has just arrived at a Nazi concentration camp. Torn from his family, he now faces disease, starvations and the insane brutality of the Holocaust. How can he possibly survive?

This is the harrowing true story of Jack Mandelbaum’s experiences during World War 2, as told by Jack himself to award-winning author Andrea Warren




One small suitcase
by Barry Turner

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The true story of how 10,000 children escaped the Nazi holocaust.

All the leaves have lost their trees (For Hannah who said it)

“All the leaves have lost their trees”
Child, what tumbled words are these?
(Yet I grieve for my last tree:
Far away the wind bore me.) – by Gerda Mayer 1978

This is the true story of the “Kindertransport” children, who were rescued from Nazi Germany and brought to England to start new live.



The Hidden Children of the Holocaust – Teens who hid from the Nazis
by Esther Kustanowitz



“I have lived a Thousand Years: Growing up in the Holocaust”
Livia Bitton

I came across this book in a second hand shop and I just knew I had to have it!

Back cover

This is the memoir of Elli Friedman, who was thirteen year old in March 1944 when the Nazis invaded Hungary. It describes the calculated process of occupation and her gradual descent into the hell of Auschwitz in intimate, excruciating detail. She vividly recounts what it was like to be one of the few teenage inmates and the miraculous twists of fate that helped her survive against all odds.



First published:


We came as children
ed by Karien Gershon


A place to hide – True stories of Holocaust Rescues
by Jayne Pettit

one small suitcase place to hide surviving Hitler thousand years we came as children


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