Napowrimo Day 29


Alice fell down the rabbit hole
Aladdin was a tramp who stole a magic lamp
Ali Baba discovered 40 thieves’ treasure


Beauty and the Beast
while trying to save her father she was seized
by the beast
who turned out to be a cursed prince
when the spell was broken they celebrated with a feast.


Cinderella was always dirty and lived in a cellar
she dreamed of meeting a rich fellar
her fairy godmother found her blue,
then she lost a shoe…

Captain Hook couldn’t cook
so he took
a cook book
and looked

Chicken Little yelled “We’re all going to die!”
the other animals asked: “Why?”
He replied: “because of the falling sky!”
the other animals thought it a lie.


There was once a family of seven dwarves

barfs, laughs, paths, farts, baths, starves, wharves


A shoemaker’s wife was very worried about her husband’s health
at night two elves finished the shoes on his shelves
the confused cobbler gained a great wealth

The Emperor wasn’t aware that his new clothes made him look naked
and that the tailors faked it
his “crown jewels” thought sacred
were displayed in front of crowds ___


A selfish princess played with her golden ball
she cried when it fell into a well
then from out the bog appeared a frog on a log
he said he would help her in exchange for a kiss
but the princess didn’t realize his wish
and so threw him against the wall


Gingerbeard Man was created in a baking pan
then ran from his maker and an animal clan
but he couldn’t outsmart a fox…

Goldilocks didn’t take heed that you should never enter bears lairs

Golden Goose once owed money to the Moose
but it was broke because it drank a lot of booze
the Moose then sues the goose
on the execution day with his neck in a noose
the goose called out for a truce.


Hanzel & Grethel were lost in the woods
and started eating a house of goods
the witch wasn’t in any of her good moods
so she tried to turn them into foods.


Jack decided to go for a walk
ended up with a giant beanstalk
At the top there lived a giant
Jack tried to be silent
but he didn’t know the giant had a good nose
so he tripped the giant – wow, that was close!


King Arthur and the knights of the round table
some say it was true, but some just say it is a fable


The Lion King wished he could sing
so he left his pride ring (circle)


The little Mermaid wanted to live on land
and wanted to stand
but found that she can’t
so instead she lied on the sand
and got very tanned.

N – Nutcracker and the Mouse King…


Peter Pan never grows old
and lives in the never-never land world
he had a big chest of gold
and protected his secret, very bold

Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy
but it turned out he was a wooden toy
so he wished upon a star
and went very far…


There was once a Queen that really liked snow…


Rumpelstilskin was very secretive about his name
he once tricked a dame
to play a guessing game
she lost and her child was claimed

Red Riding Hood was visiting her gran in bed,
but should have listened to what her mother said.
to stay on the path she would be safe

Rapunzel had very long hair
and was locked up in a tower with no stair
A prince approached upon a dare
but looked right into the witches’ stare


Tinkerbell  magic fairy dust bust, gust, cussed, lust, must, rust,


Tom Thumb sat in his dad’s horse’s ear

Fear, gear, hear, near, rear, tear


Ugly Duckling

Swan, gone, alone,


White Fang (Wit Wolf) liked to save little kids, bids, hids, lids,


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