Napowrimo Day 26

I tried to make a list for an A-Z Nonsense poem of Fairy tale characters, but I’m going to have to omit some letters such as: I, O, V, X, Y and Z because I couldn’t find any fairy tale characters that’s names start with those letters.

A – Alice in Wonderland/Aladdin/Ali Baba

B – Beauty and the Beast

C – Cinderella/Captain Cook, Chicken Little

D – Dwarves (seven)

E – Elves and the shoemaker, Emperor’s new clothes

F – Frog Prince

G – Gingerbeard Man, Goldilocks, Golden Goose

H – Hanzel & Grethel

J – Jack and the Beanstalk

K – King Arthur

L – Lion King

M – Magic Mirror/ Mermaid (little)/Musicians of Bremen

N – Nutcracker and the Mouse King

P – Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Puss in Boots, Peter & Wolf, Pied Piper

Q – Queen (snow)

R – Rumpelstilskin, Red Riding Hood/Rapunzel

S – Snow White, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Sinbad, Sleeping Beauty

T – Tinkerbell, Tom Thumb

U – Ugly Duckling

W – White Fang (Wit Wolf)


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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