Napowrimo Day 24

Ever had a client that was particularly rude to you and you wanted to be rude back, but you couldn’t because you work for an
institution and don’t/can’t give it a bad reputation? I had one of those today. Made me so mad I got a head ache. I apologized, but this is what I really wanted to say to him (and any other rude client that has ever talked down to me)

Dear Mr Client,

Fuck you!
I’m sorry I’m not perfect
but I’m pretty sure
neither are you
I’m sorry you’re such a dickhead.
I apologized.
What more do you want from me?

I don’t live here
and I can’t perform magic
so stop yelling at me please
it will not change a thing.

Just because you make more money than me
or drive a fancier car,
doesn’t mean you can treat me like shit
(I’ll probably end up hating you more for it anyway).

I always have to step into other’s shoes
and imagine what it’s like for you.
But how about you stepping into mine
for a change!

You’re one of the reasons
why I hate this world
so thanks for proving my point for me!


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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