Napowrimo Day 22: My Nonsense Alphabet poem

Hmmm I’m beginning to think I should have used centaur, dwarf, pixie, nymph…

Introduction to the Fantasy World

A –  an Angel is usually kind and good

B – the Banshee is crying tears of blood

C – the Crow brings a message in black

D – while the Dragon brings a fiery attack

E – the Elf with his bow and arrow has straight aim

F – the Fairy: magic is their game

G – the Giant makes a tremendous sound

H – the Hobbit’s house is under the ground

I – the Imp is a pest and won’t let you rule

J – The Jester/Joker is no fool

K – the Knight rides on his steed, bold

L – a Leprechaun can be found at the end of a rainbow with a pot of gold

M – a Mermaid is a woman but also a fish

N – a Necromancer has a death wish

O – an Ogre is always hungry and out to kill

P –  a Pirate makes his living by steal(ing)

Q – The Red Queen shouts: “Off with her head!”

R – Red Cap should have listened to what her mother said/is going to visit her gran in bed

S – the Scarecrow is scary but brave

T – a Troll is slow and lives in a cave

U – a Unicorn is a horse with a horn

V – a Vampire is a blood-thirsty anti-morn(ing)

W – the Witch is making a magic potion in her cauldron.

X – Excalibur is King Arthur’s magic sword in the stone

Y – a Yeti lives in the snow and is white

Z – a Zombie is a flesh eating foe and likes to bite!

Cool! It actually worked!


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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