Napowrimo Day 19

I finished my list of A-Z Fantasy characters. I didn’t think I could do it but I did it! I had some trouble with the letter “X” until I thought of “Excalibur” or it could be X-men. I still don’t know how I’m going to make it rhyme though…

My Fantasy “Nonsense” Alphabet poem:

A – Angel is usually kind and good

B – Banshee is crying tears of blood.

C – Crow = bad omen/ Cave = dark, mossy/ castle

D – Dragon = breaths fire

E – Elf with bow and arrow

F – Fairy = fairy dust

G – Goblin = trouble/ Giant/ Gargoyle = stone

H – Hobbit he’s house is underground

I – Imp

J – Jester/Joker is no fool

K – King/Knight

L – Leprechaun = rainbow, gold

M – Mermaid

N – Necromancer talks to dead people about the future

O – Ogre

P – Pirate = steal, Jolly Roger, rum

Q – [Red] Queen, jam tarts

R – Red Cap/ Robin Hood

S – Sorcerer = evil spirits

T – Troll

U – Unicorn is a horse with a horn

V – Vampire = blood-thirsty

W – Witch/werewolf/wizard

X – X-men or [ex]calibur = King Arthur’s magic sword

Y – Yeti = abominable snowman

Z – Zombie = flesh-eating undead.


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