Napowrimo Day 17

Today I came upon a wonderful nonsense poet “Edward Lear” – I think I remember him by the “The owl and the pussy” poem. He especially mastered in limericks so I tried to try my hand at limericks again – in a similar form used by Lear.

There was a man from Pretoria
who had constant diarrhoea
He had an urgent need to poo,
but couldn’t find a loo.
That poor man from Pretoria!

Mine is much more vulgar I’m afraid.

In a lovely little town called “Greenwich”
lived a friendly green witch.
One night she flew on her broom
and came across a royal groom.
Now she is also very rich.

Sir Lance-a lot
pranced around a lot
You see, his pants were very tight
his walk was a silly sight
like a horse’s trot.

Tomorrow I’ll try to write my own Nonsense Alphabet Poem


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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