Napowrimo Day 11

Yes, I know I skipped a day, but I didn’t get a chance to write a poem yesterday. I’ll make it up doubly today.

Remember in my previous posts I mentioned something about writing a poem with just abbreviations and/or acronyms? Well here it is: PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE PURELY NONSENSE POEMS. MAKE OF IT WHAT YOU WILL.

The Arab. and Can. have chem.
for a cent.
They have class. and make art.
He wears a Bib.
Her. pop mus. is rad.
They sing. in math.
They watch TV and listen to tech.

One day she dial. on phon.
she’s going to cook. for him
he must bring a carp.

He rides the ex-press.
She hung. the fin. on the iron.
they ate anom.-nom-nom

One day an imp. tickled his Chin.
It. made him sleep like a log.
He was late for their date
she text. him
Now they are pass. hist.

After that she went to the gym
and met a Germ
now they have chem.

If you write out the poem (without the abbreviations)

The Arabian and Canadian have chemistry
for a century.
They have classics and make articles.
He wears a Bible (bib for a baby)
Her pop music is radio (radical)
they watch television and listen to technology (technical music).

One day she dialectics on phonetics (dial on phone)
she’s going to (be) cooking for him.
He must bring a carpentry (carp, fish)
He rides the ex-president (express, train)
She Hungarian the finance on the irony
they ate onomatopoeia (I really like this!)

One day an imperative tickled his Chinese

Italy made him sleep like a logic.
He was late for their date
She textiles him
Now they are passive history (past history).

After that she went to the gymnastics
and met a German.
Now they have chemistry.

In some profound way the second version also makes sense or is it just me?


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I am a 23 year old (at heart) who loves anything nonsensical

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