Napowrimo Day 4

Why am I always this anxious when I have to write a poem these days? Is it maybe because I fear that one day I won’t have anything to say? Everything that I write just sounds like nonsense. Anyway here are 3 tries (one in afrikaans)


los gedagtes/ so is die lewe

my pa se een traanoog

uilskuikens by die kerk

my raspberry slushie

oorle ouma wat sê haar kop is leeg


paulydeathwish is following my blog

what a strange feeling

to have an audience

yet, isn’t that what we’re going for anyway?

the continuing urge to document our lives?

to find meaning

and if we can’t we compromise

“there’s gotta be more to life”


she is ‘Still Alice’

she just fell down the rabbit hole

don’t cry, do not despair

she is ‘Still Alice’

Today I went to see the film “Still Alice” starring Julianne Moore, Alec Baldwin and Kristin Stewart. I wanted to write a poem, first I thought I’d try to link it to “Alice in Wonderland”. Imagine Alice grows up and when she gets old she develops Alzheimers.

The second poem? is inspired by Stacie Orrico’s song “There’s gotta be (more to life)” and the lyrics:

“There’s gotta be more to life/

than chasing down every temporary high/

to satisfy me”

The first poem? (in Afrikaans) is about what happened today and what was said.

The third poem seems the most like a poem. I should really try to make something out of it. I just can’t find the words today.


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  1. Last night, before I fell asleep it suddenly hit me that my grandmother that passed away last year, her name was Alice! I can probably do something with that with my “Still Alice” poem that I’m trying to write.

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