Book Review: The Diary of Anne Frank

I’ve always been obsessed with The Holocaust, but nowadays even more so. I just can’t fathom why and how people can be so cruel to each other – and yet it still happens to this day. I always wonder what I would have done if I lived during that time: would I be a sheep follower (Nazi) or would I be a resistant fighter.

Anne Frank was a normal Jewish girl living in the Netherlands until the Nazis occupied the country and they went into hiding. Anne Frank’s life was cut short when she and her family were captured and taken to the labour camps. Of all the people that she mentions in her diary, only her father and best friend survived.

She is one of my heroes.

“I want to go on living after my death. And therefore I am grateful to God for giving me this gift… of expressing all that is in me.”

Anne Frank’s dream was to become a writer or a journalist. If only she knew that after her death her diary would become the most famous account of the atrocities done against Jews during World War II.

Back cover:

Thirteen-year-old Anne Frank, with her parents and sister and four other people, went into hiding in the sealed-off back rooms of an Amsterdam office building in 1942, when the Nazi invaders intensified their persecution of Jews.

For two years they remained safe. In August 1944 they were betrayed. Anne died in the ghastly concentration camp at Belsen. All the others perished too, except her father.

Anne’s astonishing diary was found by accident. Simply but movingly it records the strains of her difficult life, the problems of growing up in hiding, and her unswerving faith in her religion.

Known and loved throughout the world “The Diary of Anne Frank” is an unforgettable story of human spirit – the intimate and courageous amount of a young woman’s unique experiences in the face of terrible suffering.

Diary of Anne Frank

First published: 1947

Rating: 5/5 Every child should read this book. We owe it to all that have perished in the camps.

Even though we do not know exactly what happened after they’ve been captured and her experiences in the camp or her last moments before she died – the point is that she lived and her memory keeps on living through her diary. And that is how a Jewish girl conquered Hitler!


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