I know, I know. I haven’t forgotten about my challenge to write a book review every day of all the books that I’ve read so far. I actually do have news though of what kept me from writing it.

Last year December I wrote and submitted two stories for an Afrikaans book “Skrik op die lyf” (thriller short stories) and a few weeks back I actually heard back from them saying that one of my stories is on the short list.

One of my lecturers is also retiring this year and some of the students thought it would be a great gesture to compile a book with some of our stories as a tribute to her.

So I was busy rewriting my stories for possible publication and fighting with the editors with what needs changing.

My one story did not make the final cut for the thriller short stories book, but the other one for the tribute did.

I’ve learned something valuable through my experiences: publishing is not for sissies! (Afrikaans word meaning a sensitive person that doesn’t take criticism very well). It also made me wonder and start doubting myself. Am I really a good writer? I do have good ideas, but I’m still struggling to articulate myself in the best way. It also made me wonder how much of a final product (let’s say for instance a book) is the original work of the writer?


In other news: today is the second anniversary of starting this blog!


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