My Favourite Books from Childhood: “Thunderwith” by Libby Hathorn

thunderwith cover

“He came with thunder: Withthunder. Thunderwith. With thunder you’ll come and with thunder you will go. The dog had come in the thunder of the storm and had left in the thunder of a single gunshot.”

I read this book in 2005 when I was 14 or 15 years old – actually a teenager by then. Years ago when my grandmother was still alive of course she made me promise to write down all the books I’ve read. I found these books again after her death and instead of it being forgotten in a book, I want to share it on my blog.

I rated the books and wrote down excerpts from the books that I didn’t want to forget. I also wrote down the back cover stories (summaries) so I would remember what the stories were about and the year it was first published.


Lara feels completely alone after the death of her mother. She is an intruder in her father’s new family, living far away from all that has been familiar. How can she find acceptance and love in this harsh place? Will the hostile Gladwyn and her kids ever really allow Lara to be part of the family she so longs for?

In the summer of raging storms, Lara Ritchie must fight the storm within herself. It is through an unexpected friendship with a kindred spirit that Lara discovers the strength to face up her ordeals. But where did he came from? Has he been sent to her for a reason? Who will explain his mystery to her?

What I liked/learned about this book:

I learned that you have to face your fears. Look it full in the face. It’s painful. But it’s always better in the long run. And the book was first published in the year I was born – 1989. Also the poem in front of the book:

“With thunder with thunder you’ll come

undreamed of battles to be won!

She’ll know at once your spirit strong.

Discover, sing, the earth’s wild song.

And when your taught her all you know

with thunder, with thunder

You’ll go.”

Dedication from the author:

“This story was begun one night in a farm in the Wallingat, a spectacular rainforest on the coast of New South Wales. Around midnight I was wakened by thunder and lightning and looking out the window of the simple corrugated homestead where I was staying, I saw the shadow of a dog pass across a clearing. That holiday was memorable for the experience of the beauty of the surrounding bush and nearby wild beaches, for the strength and intensity of the storm and for the story. But it was the return home from that holiday I was to learn a friend of mine was gravely ill.

I dedicate this story to her, a blithe spirit, Cheryl Bliss”

Rating: 5/5 A definite must-read!

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