12 April – 13 April 2014 Napowrimo


Ouma Alice (Alet) Linde

Ouma Alice (Alet) Linde

My grandmother died last night


My grandmother died last night.

I did not know.

My aunt sent me a message:

“I’m sorry your grandmother died”.

I was like: “What?

No way!”


I did not want to believe it

I did not want to go home

I tried to dance the night away,

but instead I cried my eyes out.


I came home.

I did not want the night to end.

I did not want to face the truth

I did not want to see my dad’s face.


I want to dedicate this post to my grandmother, Alice Linde. She was the real poet in the family. She gave me this poem to keep in my Bible.



As I look back on my childhood days

it fills me with awe, and I stand amazed

How the Lord in His goodness provided for me

And taught me the best is yet to be.

In 1931, I was but four,

My parents, divorced, could care for me no more

So my mother accompanied me by train

To an orphanage, St Faiths, in Bloemfontein.

I can still remember that very night

when my mother disappeared from sight

How can I describe the tears I shed

Before someone came and put me to bed.

If only parents could realise

How their actions appear before God’s eyes

For it’s their children who beak the pain

when the vows they make are disobeyed.

As I grew older, I felt something amiss,

no one to hug me, or give me a kiss

So in thought I would climb up on Jesus’ knee

with my head on His breast He whispered to me:

“I love you my child,  – you belong to ME”

From there on I could go to Him in prayer

all my fears and joys with Him I could share

For my Guardian Angel stands watch over me,

It’s so reassuring, it fills me with glee,

And I know through His Word

The best is yet to be.

A. E. Linde – Nov 1995

Dear Grandma Alet

You no longer have to feel any pain and have to hope that the best is yet to be, because now you are where you always belonged  – “on Jesus’ knee”. You disappeared so quickly from our sight so sudden I’m still filled with shock, but I’m glad I got to know you – even though you could make me so mad at times! I somehow wish I could join you in heaven, but for now I can hold onto this hope: “The best is yet to be!”


Sulet Linde


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