Two Afrikaans NaPoWrimo poems

I’ve also decided to work on my incomplete poems that had been lying around here for years gathering dust. But it is only attempts and won’t necessary be the final products. If I want, I can try to better my attempt on the next day and see what I come up with.

Today I have two DADA poems:

1) Wat eet ons vanaand?

Olke bolke

riebietjie stolke

olke bolke knor

errie tjerrie

tjiekene tjerrie

errie tjerrie

tjorts tjorts.


Olie bolle?

Ribbetjies, mieliestronke?

Knor my maag nou.


Gooi in die pot:

Ertjies, kerrie,

Chicken en kerrie?

Ertjies, kerrie.


Tjorts, George!


Notes: The first stanza is an Afrikaans rhyme you say out loud when you don’t know what to pick/choose. Almost like the donkey-rhyme (Inky pinky ponky/daddy had a donkey/ donkey die/daddy crie/inky pinky ponky).


Do you know any other rhyme? Please share. I would like to hear from you.


2) (ongetiteld)

Daar’s ‘n heks wat swaai

op haar skoppelmaai.

en soos sy swaai

vloek sy almal wat verbygaan.

“Maai toe julle maaifoedies!” 


Die volk kom bymekaar

by die kaai.

“Kom ons braai

die heks op haar swaai,”

sê die een. Raai!

Die heks hoor toe.


Sy swaai

hoër en hoër

tot bo die wolke



*The text in the green is what I had and the rest is what I filled in today.

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